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Haier air conditioners need no introduction as the name itself evokes a sense of familiarity and quality.

Haier is famous world over and is known for being the 4th largest white goods manufacturer. With over 240 subsidiary companies, innumerable plants and trade companies and more than 50,000 employees, it is no wonder Haier is a leader in technological research, manufacturing industry, trading and financial services.

Haier is into manufacturing a wide range of consumables such as air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerating cabinets, washing machines, computers, home theatre systems, DVD players, water heaters etc.

Home air conditioning systems around the world

With their offices world over, Haier has largely contributed to the air conditioning industry. They have devoted time, experience and knowledge in understanding the local conditions of a particular city or town and in accordance offering a complete air conditioning solution.

Their widespread reach has made them a preferred choice in many high demand Aisan countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Haier Air Conditioners

Haier air conditioners undoubtedly uses the most advanced technology for designing and developing air conditioners with zero defects and in unimaginable quantities to meet the ever increasing demand. Following are just some of the types of Haier air conditioners:

Energy Star Qualified

This particular air conditioning series is a line of exclusive ENERGY STAR� qualified air conditioners. They follow guidelines as set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Those who are passionate about their environment can choose for ENERGY STAR� qualified air conditioners. Some of the models available are ESA3059, ESA 3069, ESA 3089, ESA 3109, ESA 3125, ESA 3159, ESA 3186, ESA 3189 and ESA 3259

Eco Conditioner Series

This particular air conditioning series reduces odors, allergens and pollutants from our homes and offices. These air conditioners use less energy than other similar air conditioners and do not use any chemicals, which may harm the ozone layer. The models available are ESAD4066 and ESAD4089.

Electronic Control

This is equipped with a host of technologically advanced features such as 24 hour on/off timer, multiple fan settings and top-discharge airflow pattern. Some of the models even come with a dehumidifier. A few models available are HWR05XC7, HWR06XC9, HWR08XC9, HWR10XC6, HWR12XC8, HWR18VC7, HWR24VC5 and HWR30VC6.

Mechanical Control

This air conditioner series is ideal for reducing pollen and other allergy causing particles form the air. The only model available is HWF05XC7-2

Through The Wall

These air conditioners are designed to facilitate your comfort and convenience, as you wouldn�t need to install and uninstall your window air conditioner each season. This line of through the wall air conditioners come with a compact chassis, a universal trim kit that will ensure it fits in perfectly without making too many changes. Models available are HTWR08XC6, HTWR10XC9, HTWR10VC9, HTWR12XC6, HTWR12VC6 AND HTTWS.


The portable line of Haier air conditioners gives you the freedom and flexibility of taking your air conditioner around with you in any part of the house. Absolutely compact, portable and easy to use, this air conditioner is an ideal companion in the summer months. Some of the models available are CPRB07XC7, CPR09XC7, CPN10XC9, CPR10XC6 and many others.

Heat & Cool

This line of air conditioners takes care of you not only in summer months but also in winter months. To ensure, you always enjoy a pleasant temperature at home, the air conditioners comes equipped with multiple cool settings, two heat settings and one fan setting. Models available are HWS08XH7, HWS12VH6, HWS18VH6 and HWS24VH6.

This brand of air conditioners ensure it offers the best by adapting their air conditioning technology to meet the varied and diverse requirements of its customers.

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