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Heil DX 1300 Air Conditioner

With Up To 14 Seer Efficiency

Heil DX 1300 Air Conditioner is one of the best models known for the purpose of room climate management. It has one of the best versions of the heat pump and comprises the best compressor. It bears a sound blanket of materials that makes the operation noiseless. It carries a scroll compressor and the unit looks quite attractive and very simple in its design as well as features. This is the basic reason due to which it is very popular since it has user friendly features. As an air conditioning unit, its reputation has only rose over the past years.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The machine has the best SEER among all air conditioners with a base efficiency of 13 SEER.

  • It can deliver up to 14 SEER with its high efficiency indoor unit.

  • This ac product weighs between 1.5 - 5 tons across various configurations.

  • The two-speed fan motor helps in proper regulation of the process.

  • The scroll compressor which is a unique feature in the product makes the design look attractive yet simple.

  • It uses the R410A or the R22 cooling agents in the console.

  • The heat pump model exhibits an HSPF of up to 8.5 for this air conditioning unit.


An impressive warranty scheme is one which maintains the trust the customers have reposed in the brand. Heil warrants all its products against any of the defects as far as the quality of the workmanship and materials are concerned. It replaces any malfunctioning part within a defined warranty period. The users can avail of this warranty scheme from the moment the product is purchased and installed. It offers exclusive limited warranty on compressor for 10 years, on the outdoor coil for 7 years, on the spare parts for 5 years and a No Hassle for 1 year. There is also an extended warranty that is available at an additional cost.


Steel Cabinet - A galvanized steel cabinet is designed to properly allow the airflow and facilitate easy coil cleaning. Hence, makes maintenance quite easy.

Copper Coils � These are present with effective aluminum fins to permit maximum heat exchange that helps in great efficiency and energy savings.

Proper Airflow - A proper airflow discharge is designed to facilitate maximum airflow and it also helps in its quiet operation.

Multi-Optional Fan � It also contains a two-speed fan facility which normally operates at very low speed to make the operation noiseless and runs at 100% efficiency all the time.

Efficient Control Board � There is a control board with proper diagnostics that makes wiring a simple operation for the installer.

On the whole, Heil DX 1300 Air Conditioner�proves to be the most efficient product among its counterparts. It involves some unique features and facilities that have not been incorporated by its counterparts. Moreover, due to its quality services, it remains the most preferred product and after being tested and trusted worldwide.

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