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Heil HC4A Horizontal Air Conditioner

A Very Quiet Air Conditioning Unit

Heil HC4A Horizontal Air Conditioner is an eye-catching model, being one of its kind. This air conditioning unit is designed in a way that makes this new air cooler twice as efficient as the older ones. The introduction of these portable air conditioning units in our lives have made summers far better and winters less chilling. These air conditioners are designed to come up to all human expectations. Moreover, these amazing units don�t pinch one�s pockets much.

Manufacturers Specifications

  • This air conditioning system�s galvanized steel casing is painted with a durable powder coat.

  • It has an efficiency of 13 to 14.5 SEER, which makes the unit twice as efficient as its contemporaries.

  • It has got an amazing Industry-proven Copeland Scroll� compressor.

  • The cooling appliance comes with a R410A refrigerant that makes it competent enough for its job.

  • This portable air conditioning unit is easy to install and can be fitted anywhere- roofs, balconies, exterior walls or even under the desks.

  • It has a factory-supplied filter drier with it.


The company is known for its high level of precision and compatibility. In case of any problem, the product comes with a 10 year limited warranty on scroll compressor and a 5 year limited warranty on all functional parts. Any problem with the air conditioner can be easily dealt with in the warranty periods.


Heil HC4A Horizontal Air conditioners prove themselves over others of their kinds with the following points:

Quiet: The operating sound of the air conditioner unit is quite low. The low velocity air discharger makes it a discreet machine.

Efficiency: The 13 SEER efficiency of the product gives it an edge over others. Its efficiency comes around twice of that of other such products.

Energy Savings: The high efficiency of the unit makes it use lesser energy. It thereby cuts down on electricity bills.

HELP: HELP is the Homeowner Extensive Labor Program that is available for easy labor coverage and trouble-free extra protection.

Automatic Restart: In case there is a power shut down, there is no need to get up and switch it on again. It comes with an automatic restart which restores the previous settings in the air conditioner.

Installation: This portable air conditioning system can be easily installed. They can be installed anywhere the customers want: be it bedrooms, roofs, windows, balconies or even under the desks.

Topping all amazing qualities that Heil HC4A Horizontal Air conditioner comes with is the attractive price-tag which puts a smile on your face. The product is trouble free and absolutely neat by design. These air conditioners are worth a shot if you are looking for a hassle-free, portable machine in a comfortable price-bracket.

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