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Heil Mini Split Air Conditioner

With Wireless Remote Control

Heil Mini Split Air Conditioner is an amazing product and a perfectly capable air conditioner. It is far more competent and efficient than its competitors. Its high efficiency and easy installation makes it easier and more convenient to the users. Air conditioners have become a necessity in the sweaty summers and chilly winters. Technology has bought us a unit enables us to control the temperature around us on our finger-tips. Moreover these attractive units are pretty affordable.

Manufacturers Specifications

  • This amazing air conditioner comes with single and dual split systems.

  • The air conditioner has a high efficiency of 13 SEER, which makes it twice as efficient as other cooling units.

  • The HP and AC versions of this air conditioning unit are also available.

  • The air conditioning system has an advanced purifying technology, known as �AIR CARE� which makes the air germ free.

  • The air conditioner unit�s HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) is 7.7. This factor is used to determine the efficiency of air source heat pump.

  • This air conditioner is duct free and thus easy to install.

  • The airflow control of this cooling unit is specially designed to allow the proper flow of warm and cool air.


Despite being a perfect product with flawless operation, Heil Mini Split Air Conditioner carries a warranty period of maximum duration. The Heil No Hassle Replacement limited warranty gives a trouble-free and convenient deal. This warranty lasts for a year; a new replacement is done in case there is a problem with any of the major components of the unit. The standard warranty of the product in 10 years warranty is available on all functional parts. The company believes in perfection.


Efficiency: The split air conditioner is double efficient than those of its contemporaries. Its 13 SEER efficiency makes it have an advantage over other such units.

Quiet: This home product has its indoor and outdoor sections designed and assembled in such a way that it operates at minimum decibel levels.

Installation: It is very easy to install this air conditioner. Its space-saving components are designed not to require any duct wire.

Airflow Control: The air conditioner comes with auto-swing louvers which provide the maximum possible circulation of warm and cold air.

Wireless Remote: The air conditioner system comes with a wireless remote which can be programmed for time, temperature settings and also for sleep mode

HELP: The Homeowner�s Extensive Labor Program is also available with this product. HELP gives additional protection and easy labor coverage.

Low Energy Consumption: The air conditioner�s high level of efficiency makes them consume less energy. This in a way helps to lower even the monthly energy bills.

A quick overview of Heil Mini Split Air Conditioner gives a conclusion about it that it is a pretty good product capable of doing its job efficiently. The benefits of this product give it an edge over others of its type. These air conditioners are worth a try.

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