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As home owners prepare for summer home air conditioners are a hot topic. If you are considering the purchase of an air conditioner for your home you have many choices. To find the perfect air conditioner for your needs you must first consider your home and your budget.

The simplest home cooling devices are portable air conditioners. A portable ac unit is housed on casters and can be moved from room to room as needed. These mobile air conditioners are easy to install and easy to maintain. For simple cooling, especially in pre-existing construction, a portable ac may be your best and most economical choice.

A great option for the home owner looking to purchase a portable ac is the Essick 650 CFM portable air conditioner. This unit can cool up to 400 square feet and is energy star rated to save you money. The 650 CFM is housed in a beautiful charcoal cabinet that will blend with any decor.

Another great choice for pre-existing construction is the window air conditioner. A window ac requires a little more know how to install than the portable units and has the disadvantage of blocking your view but is another economical option for your cooling needs. Many home owners place a window unit in each room of the house during the hot summer months and remove them during the winter.

One of the most popular window units is the LG Electric GL6000ER. This window ac has a low profile so you can still have a great view from your window. It comes equipped with a digital remote and is energy star certified.

A through the wall unit is the most labour intensive air conditioning option for pre-existing construction. This type of unit must be mounted through an exterior wall of your home and is not removable at the end of the summer season. The advantage of the through the wall unit is that it is more powerful than a portable unit and does not block the views from your windows.

One of the best selling wall units is the Amana 8,000 TTW AC. This model is compact and has a chassis that is made to fit all wall openings. This wall ac is very quiet and has three settings for optimum comfort.

Central air conditioning is the most efficient cooling method for any home. Almost all new construction employs central heat and air. Central air conditioning can also be installed in most pre-existing construction. Unlike the ac ductless options above, a central unit is quiet and unobtrusive. It can be set to react to the temperature of your home. Home owners can also set central units to run slower at certain times of the day for added energy savings.

To determine the best fit for your home you may want to do some research. and www aircompressors will yield a wealth of information for you to consider. The U.S. Department of Energy offers homeowners an online energy calculator to help you determine the size of ac unit you will need based on the square footage of your home or a single room.

It is also important to keep your budget in mind when considering home air conditioning. While a portable unit may be more cost effective up front you may find you will receive more savings over time with central air conditioning. You must also factor in installation costs, especially for pre-existing construction.

Once you have made your decision spend a little more time researching home air conditioning sites to determine the different features you may be interested in having for your residence. Remember, home air conditioning is a purchase that will last for many years to come.

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