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LG LP090CED-Y8 PTAC Air Conditioner

General Overview

LG LP090CED-Y8 PTAC Air Conditioner can be described as a 11.7 EER 230V wall air-conditioning system which happens to put every control at the fingertips of the user. It is inclusive of every prime feature; inclusive of fan, heating, energy saver modes; apart from evaporator frost control, defrost control, and emergency heat control.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Capacity BTUs: 22500/22100 (C) / 22500/22100 (H)

  • EER: 9.8

  • Weight (lbs.): 72.8

  • Voltage: 60 Hz

    Special Features

  • GoldFin Anti-Corrosion

  • Cooling Mode

  • Wall Thermostat Temperature Control

  • Freeze Room Protection

  • Installation Manual

  • Front-desk Control Connection

  • Auto Restart

  • Heating Mode


    This LG AC has been provided with warranty of two years on parts. It states that in time-span of 2 years from the date of purchase, one can get their LG air conditioner repaired or replaced.

    However, as far as compressor is concerned, warranty consists of 5 years. However, losses incurred on the part of customer with respect to product-damage would not be the responsibility of the company, i.e. LG.


  • Quiet operation

  • Long warranty period

  • Extra comfort


  • Heavy

  • Consumes more space

  • Bulky

    Overall Review

    With air conditioning system such as this LG LP090CED-Y8 air conditioner, guests can literally rejoice; thanks to a truly comfortable, quiet room. As such, repeated visits are ensured.

    There cannot be a way better than this LG AC to appease oneself. The best part about this LG air conditioner is that it makes ways for an utterly low �decibel level�; apart from an exceptional rating with regards to sound prevention.

    Besides, efficiency rating of this air conditioner is up to 12.5 EER. This property strictly translates in to tremendous energy savings.

    Digital touch screen controls, built-in occupancy sensor, built-in management controls, proper wireless RF Communication, easy-going programmability, etc. are key aspects of this A/C.

    Energy saver mode of this sir-conditioning system goes on to lessen �energy consumption operational costs�. Gold Fin Ant�Corrosive Treatment performs the task of protection of this LG AC from outer air�s corrosive effects; thereby extending PTAC models� operating life.

    Mechanical control display is simple-to-use and easy in terms of display as well. Ceramic heater provides safe, stable, and even heating platform. This product does not require maintenance as well. Communication takes place through radio frequency carriers. LG PTAC AC's contain a built-in �occupancy sensor�. Energy management controls are also provided with.

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