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LG LP150CED-Y8 PTAC Air Conditioner

General Overview

LG LP150CED-Y8 PTAC Air Conditioner has been endowed with features like Gold Fin anti-corrosion treatment, auto restart if power fails, energy saver mode, and �electronic touch pad controls� to choose temperature as per requirement.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Capacity (BTUs): 14300/14100 (C)/ 13500/13300 (H)

  • EER: 9.8

  • Air Circulation (CFM H/L): 390/355

  • Indoor dB (A): 49/47

  • Outdoor dB(A): 63/61

  • STC: 30

  • Fan Speeds (Cooling/Heating/Fan): 2/2/2

  • Dimensions: 42 (W) X 16 (H) X 19 7/8 (D) inches

  • Weight (lbs.): 104.9

    Special Features

  • Cooling mode

  • Heating Mode

  • Fan Mode

  • Energy saver mode

  • Auto restart

  • Gold Fin anti-corrosion treatment

  • Wall thermostat temperature control

  • Front desk control connection

  • Emergency heat

  • Dip switch settings

  • Defrost control

  • Freeze room protection


    This LG air conditioner has been provided with warranty of 1 year; as far as the entire system is concerned. This includes labor and parts of system as well. When only units and parts come in to picture, one must note that warranty period for it is 2 to 5 years. This is exclusive of refrigeration system. Now, refrigeration system is strictly subject to warranty of 5 years.

    It�s also inclusive of labor and parts. It must, however, be noted that company won�t bear the responsibility of losses incurred to the customers due to defect to their air conditioner.


  • Temperature display on the unit available

  • Quiet operation

  • Suitable for rooms of any size


  • Heavy

  • Bulky

  • Costly

    Overall Review

    Salient features regarding air conditioning system manufactured by LG include wall unit, batteries, remote control, installation manual, and extreme comfort. This remote control happens to be quite user-friendly.

    One can use it to have timer adjusted, apart from temperature and fan speed. This Lg AC is an air conditioning system which is duct-free. One can derive ultimate pleasure from usage of their LG air conditioner.

    Everything, right from installation to utilization is simple. One need not be technically sound to operate this AC. The other items included in this system include installation manual, and trim kit. Here, air gets directed where it�s needed most.

    One just needs to adjust deflection for facilitating this. All filters attached to LG LP150CED-Y8 PTAC Air Conditioner are removable and washable. A twelve-hour off/on timer has been provided with.

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