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LG LT1230HR Thru The Wall Air Conditioner

General Overview

LG LT1230HR THRU THE WALL Air Conditioner falls in the category of �Thru the Wall� air conditioners. It�s inclusive of diverse features such as Gold Fin anti-corrosion treatment, cooling mode, heating mode, fan mode, auto sleep mode, auto restart, and twelve-hour off/on.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Cool Operating range: 60 to 86 degree F

  • Heating Operating Range: 54 to 86 degree F

  • Air Flow: 290 CFM

  • Moisture removal: 3.8 Pt/h

  • Swing Louvers: Left/right; Up/Down

  • Energy Efficient rating: 9.4 EER

  • Fan Speeds (Cooling) : 2

  • Dimensions: 24.66 (W) X 19.66 (D) X 14.41 (H) inches

    Special Features

  • Low noise Level: 51 dBA


  • AC Type: Thru-Wall/Window

  • With �Dehumidifier� functionality


    LG LT1230HR THRU THE WALL Air Conditioner has been provided with warranty of 1 year. It means that within the time-span of 365/366 days from the date of purchase, one can get an LG air conditioner repaired or replaced. However, person representing the company should be contacted for this. If one tries to avail of services of an outsider, he/she would end up shelling out something; which can be completely avoided.


  • Quiet Operation

  • Easy functionality

  • Operator need not be tech-savvy


  • Heavy

  • Bulky

  • Costly

    Overall Review

    This air conditioner can be described as an air-conditioning system which has been qualified by �Energy Star�. It has been endowed with �corrosion protection�; with the objective of obtaining protection against salt air or say, any other types of airborne contaminants which can damage fins of air conditioner. Hence, once can just sit and �relax� in presence of this LG through the wall air conditioner.

    Also, this device is operable through remote control. Hence, one need not get up from his/her place every now and then to adjust the air conditioning system. This thru the wall air conditioner, as the name suggests, has been offered from kitty of LG, who are known as the biggest �Manufacturers of �Air Conditioners�� all over the world. The quality is superb.

    After purchasing LG air conditioner, one can feel relieved for long time-span. In other words, longevity of this air conditioner is very high. Also, filters run in an extremely efficient manner. One need not replace them for longer period of time.

    The construction is also robust. Hence, one should not worry about the device getting damaged.

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