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LG LT1430CR Thru The Wall Air Conditioner

General Overview

LG LT1430CR THRU THE WALL Air Conditioner is amongst the most expensive LG LT air conditioners. this LG AC has been designed or being durable. Hence, it is accompanied with �Gold Fin� anti-corrosion treatment. This air conditioning system can be categorized as a window or a wall-mount air conditioner.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Number of fan speeds: 3

  • Air conditioner type: window/wall mounted

    Special Features

  • 12800/13200 BTUs

  • Fold Fin anti-corrosion treatment

  • Cooling mode

  • Fan mode

  • Auto sleep mode

  • Wall unit

  • Trim kit

  • Batteries

  • Remote control

  • 12-hour off/on timer


    This Lg THRU THE WALL AC has been provided with warranty of 1 year. It states that within a year of date of purchase, LG A/C's can be repaired or replaced. Moreover, this service is available absolutely free of charge. However, one can avail of it only if he/she appoints technician of the company to which this LG air conditioner belongs, and not any outsider. It must be noted that company won�t bear the losses incurred on the part of customer if any defect is it's air conditioner.


  • Quiet operation

  • Easy installation

  • Simple operation


  • Heavy

  • Bulky

  • Costly

    Overall Review

    LG LT1430CR THRU THE WALL Air Conditioner�s BTU capacity goes on to make it an ideal option with regards to decent-sized room. The entire unit comes accompanied with fan mode, cooling mode, and remote control.

    This air conditioning system has been designed in such a way that it lasts for longer time, in comparison with its counterparts. this LG air conditioner can be categorized as a window/wall-mounted air-conditioner; which, unlike many units, comes along with essential case for installing in wall.

    Like the other air conditioners along similar line, LG AC contains a twelve-hour off/on timer; which means that LG air conditioners can easily be set for turning on, an �hour� prior to owner getting home, thereby having removed requirement for it being on for whole of the day.

    As such, owner can return in a �cool house�. One can thus, relax better, sleep better, and also feel better in summers. This can solely be attributed to cooling comfort provided by LG. It would certainly create a gorgeous climate in home. This is due to superb construction on its part.

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