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Low Profile Air Conditioners

Low Profile Air Conditioners are those which occupy smaller amount of window space as compared to traditional airconditioners. However, they provide the same room air conditioning. It is best on smaller windows or where one wishes to maximize the view out of a regular window. It is a self conditioning unit which consists of base pan, an air handler, a substantially horizontal compressor and a second heat exchanger. The air handler comprises a first heat exchanger with a medium conduit for channeling a refrigerating medium, with an air moving apparatus within a shroud. The shroud includes a front wall having an air outlet and a rear wall having an air inlet.

The first heat exchanger is located adjacent to the air inlet of the first wall. The second heat exchanger in the internal unit has an inner tube and an outer tube. The inner tube circulates water and the outer tube is in fluid communication with the medium conduit, coaxially enclosing a substantial portion of the inner tube, and has an inlet and an outlet. The compressor and the second heat exchanger are adjacent to the air handler and the second heat exchanger is above the compressor.

Low Profile Air Conditioners designs are becoming increasing popular as customers want to leave behind the old-fashioned, cumbersome air conditioning systems of the past. Low Profile design units are comparatively smaller, lower, flatter and more stylish than most window air conditioners. They also take up far less window space than other type of models, allowing more natural light through the window.

Manufactures today offer stylish, innovative and energy efficient ac`s that provide cool, quiet, clean and fresh air in the convenient comfort.

Some of the models are listed below.

RV Air Conditioner 9200 Btuh Coleman Polar Cub: Tests confirm this model to be the best cooling capacity vis-a-vis power consumption. It comprises of the an air conditioning unit and includes an aerodynamically styled shroud that provides condenser coil protection. It features a high density polyethylene water collection pan to eliminate pan corrosion.

LG- 6,000 BTU with Energy Star: This model from a renowned company � LG - features a contemporary low profile contour design with energy star technology. It comprises of various attractive features for the customers such as four way air deflection method, sleep mode, LCD Remote Control, built in handles for easy installation, expandable built-in window panels, Auto Restart and PLASMA heat exchanger coating. The most striking feature of this model which accounts for its popularity is its Energy Saver Function, which saves on electricity bill.

Low Profile Air Conditioners provides the same cooling capacity as the traditional ones. They are portable air conditioners, truly energy efficient and environment friendly.

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