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Maytag M120 Series Air Conditioner Review

Maytag M120 Series Air Conditioner is available in Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 13 SEER, which means that much more efficiently your home will be cooled and that much more savings you will incur on your energy bills. Maytag�s commitment is further displayed by the Dependability promise to customers, which show cases its superior product and manufacturing process.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • The unit comes with a composite base pan. This pan is corrosion resistant and reduces sound.

  • It features a permanently lubricated motor, which lessens the sound and practically needs no maintenance.

  • The one-piece top ensures the unit performs smoothly and generates maximum airflow.

  • It includes a scroll compressor.

  • The air conditioner uses Smart Cool 410 refrigerant, which ensures no further harm, is done to the ozone layer.

Warranty Information

The warranty offered by Maytag M120 Series Air Conditioner is one of the best available in the market. It offers 12 year limited warranty site-built residential use only, which means the residence should be constructed in its permanent location only. A replacement part will be provided free of charge if there is any defect in material or workmanship under the warranty period. For being eligible for this 12-year warranty the owner needs to register within the first 60 days of installation or occupancy. If registration is not completed, then warranty period reverts to a 5-year duration for both parts and compressor.

The Dependability Promise offered on all air conditioners is the icing on the cake. The company is keyed in to the demands of the customers and goes the extra mile to fulfill them. This means the outdoor unit will be replaced if the compressor of the outdoor cooling unit fails to function during the first year of operation due to defect in materials or workmanship.


Backed by best warranty � This air conditioner has one of the best warranties in the industry since it guarantees a 12-year coverage period and even offers a special 1 year Dependability Promise warranty.

High Energy Efficiency - This Maytag Air Conditioner provides very high efficiency and saves on power bills.

Durability and noise reduction - While the composite base pan prevents corrosion and reduces noise, the steel guard casing increases durability of the product.

Optional features - You also have the flexibility to choose from a range of optional features such as variable speed air handler, which can increase energy efficiency; UV air purifier that provides cleaner air and programmable thermostat for automatically adjusting the indoor temperature.

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