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Mini Air Conditioners

Mini Air Conditioners Can Fit Anywhere!

When it comes to cooling your house, apartment, dorm, or business, you have a variety of home cooling options to choose from. Large businesses and many larger homes will take advantage of central air conditioning units, while average sized homes may rely on multiple standard sizes air conditioners to cool their homes. But when it comes to smaller sized apartments, houses, and dorms, the best cooling method can be found with the use of mini air conditioners.

Size matters when it comes to air conditioning units. Many people assume that all air conditioning units are built the same, and that all air conditioning units are meant to fit in any sized window, but that is untrue. There are standard sized air conditioners on the market that do fit well in at least 60% of the homes in the United States.

However, more and more architects are designing homes with various sized windows in order to enhance the aesthetics of the overall design. In doing this they will generally use different sized windows or styles that prevent the use of standard sized air conditioning units. When this is the case the homeowner will either have to completely have their windows replaced or redesigned in order to install an air conditioner. However, this can cost a great deal of money.

Therefore, more and more people are turning to small air conditioners as a common solution. Miniture air conditioners are designed with smaller frames and internal parts in order to be covered in a shell that is also smaller. Mini air conditioners are in fact much smaller in both height and width, than typical air conditioning units. In fact, two mini air conditioners equal the size of one standard sized air conditioning unit.

When people first look at thse small air conditioners they immediately assume that they are much less powerful than standard sized ac`s. This is not true. In fact, 95% of small air conditioners found on the market today from such manufacturers as Ruud and Champion, put out the same amount of air at the same speed as standard air conditioning models.

Another benefit to small air conditioners apart from size and power, is the fact that they use a great deal less of power and energy than typical air conditioning units. This means that when these air conditioning units are used in a common home they will actually save the homeowners money each and every month on their electric bills! Additionally they also are much quieter and create less condensation and dripping than larger models.

If you are looking for an air conditioning unit that can fit into even the tightest of windows then you should consider looking into the purchase of a small air conditioner.

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