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Mitsubishi MS A12WA Air Conditioner Review

Mitsubishi MS A12WA Air Conditioner is known for its reliability and craftsmanship and this reflects through its host of innumerable user-friendly functions. A part of the Mr. Slim M Series, this air conditioner takes forward Mitsubishi�s legacy of innovation and commitment by providing the best in customer comfort. Built upon a legacy of innovation and commitment, the unit The new i-see sensor is fitted to ensure the ultimate customer comfort. The Catechin anti allergy filters is inbuilt and removes bacteria, germs, viruses and unwanted odors from the area where it is installed.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • The indoor unit weighs 23 pounds and the outdoor unit weighs 96 pounds.

  • It uses the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant.

  • It comes with a Fixed Compressor and a wireless remote control.

  • The unit includes an extra long pipe of 65 feet.

  • It has three speed options, low, medium and high.

  • The Econo Cool automatically adjusts airflow direction based on the air outlet temperature.

  • Easy to use wireless remote control allows you to adjusts fan speed and output modes remotely.

Warranty Information

Though Mitsubishi Air Conditioner offers a 2-year parts warranty and a 6-year warranty on compressor, this will be automatically upgraded to a 6 year parts and 6 year compressor warranty if the air conditioner is installed by an authorized HVAC Installer. By this warranty Mitsubishi promises to replace any defective part without any charge during the tenure of the warranty. It is important to purchase the air conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric directly or one of the authorized partners. If the compressor is replaced for being defective, the replaced compressor is covered for the remaining period of the warranty.

Mitsubishi MS A12WA Air Conditioner Benefits

Quite Comfort � This air conditioner gives very low noise, 33 decibels, 38 decibels and 45 decibels at the three different speed levels. This whisper quite machine is excellent for areas where noise is not desired. The units are light weight and stylish and hence blends with the surroundings easily.

Energy Efficiency � The New Linear Expansion Valve (LEV) is a simple yet excellent tool for energy conservation. A needle is used ingeniously to control the flow of refrigerant to match the load requirement.

Total Customer Comfort � It has the capability to remove up to 3.2 pints of moisture form the room every hour. This effectively means that it removes over 76 pints of moisture in a day to maintain the desired humidity level.

Maintenance friendly features - The Self Diagnostic function is provided and in case of a problem or malfunction it checks the entire air conditioner and then feeds this information to the operation indication lamp at the right side of the indoor unit, which displays the probable trouble causing area to be checked.

Easy Installation � The air conditioner provides powerful cooling and is easy to install, as it requires a very small opening to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

Uniform and Consistent Cooling - The option of a Wide Air flow ensures that the air is spread properly in the complete area and hence aids in uniform cooling.

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