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Mitsubishi MS A15NA Air Conditioner Review

Mitsubishi MS A15NA Air Conditioner is a part of Mitsubishi�s Mr. Slim range of air conditioners and is ideal for residential units and light commercial units where there can be a varying number of requirements. It is a powerful machine with a power of 15,000 BTU and a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 16 SEER. It has the capability to remove up to 4.7 pints of moisture from the air every hour, hence ensuring that the desired level of humidity is maintained.

Mitsubishi prides itself in providing one of the best warranties available in the market. These warranties are a proof of the excellent quality and manufacturing process following by the organization in creating superior performance oriented air conditioners.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • It uses the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant.

  • An Anti allergy blue enzyme filter is embedded into the unit.

  • It comes with an advanced i-see sensor.

  • The unit features the advanced Variable Compressor Speed Inverter Technology or commonly known as the VCSi technology.

  • It also has a 24 hour on / off timer

  • It features an intelligent fan speed control that performs even when outdoor temperature comes down to - 10�C/14�F.

Warranty Information

Mitsubishi MS A15NA Air Conditioner offers a warranty that gives coverage of 6 years on both the compressor and the parts. However, this warranty is only applicable if the air conditioner is installed from a authorized HVAC Installer. During this tenure a replacement is provided for any defect either in the parts or compressor without any charge. It is also essential to buy the product directly from Mitsubishi Electric or one of its authorized partners. The replacement for either the parts or the compressor will be covered for the rest of the original time duration.

Mitsubishi MS A15NA Air Conditioner Benefits

Energy Efficiency � Apart from a SEER rating of 16 SEER the Econo Cool feature reduces energy consumption. This feature controls the temperature intelligently and adjusts the air flow direction so as to provide maximum cooling at a particular temperature set.

Quite Comfort � The Super Quite technology is applied to perfection so that it gives very low noise, 34 decibels, 40 decibels and 45 decibels at the three different speed levels. This helps reduce noise pollution and guarantees excellent customer comfort.

Total Customer Comfort � The availability of Auto Mode, Swing Mode, Auto restart after power failure and a sleek remote control guarantee complete customer satisfaction. The Anti allergy blue enzyme filter added to the air conditioner removes allergens, pollen, dust and other unwanted particles form the room hence enhancing the customer experience further.

Easy Maintenance � The air conditioner requires only a small opening to connect the two units and hence makes installation easy. A Self Diagnostic feature coupled with an easy to clean design makes it the first choice of customers.

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