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Mitsubishi MSY A17NA Air Conditioner Review

Mitsubishi MSY A17NA Air Conditioner, a part of the M-series from Mr. Slim is one of the most quietest air conditioners and the absence of ducts gives it the flexibility to accommodate in a wide range of areas. This split ductless air conditioner consists of two units, the indoor and the outdoor unit that are connected by two refrigerant lines thereby facilitating easy and hassle-free installation.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • The Super Quiet Technology ensures a really smooth and a quiet performance.

  • It uses the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant.

  • It gives very low noise, 34 decibels, 40 decibels and 46 decibels at the three speed levels.

  • The Fuzzy Logic �I Feel� control system adjusts the conditions as per your preferences.

  • It features an inbuilt Blue Enzyme filter.

  • It comes with a Variable Speed Compressor and a wireless remote control.

  • An extra long pipe that extends up to 100 ft is included.

  • It includes a pre-charged refrigerant.

  • It comes with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 16 SEER.

Mitsubishi MSY A17NA Air Conditioner Warranty

Mitsubishi�s commitment to service is best demonstrated by its 2-year parts warranty and 6-year compressor warranty. These warranties can easily be extended to a 6-year parts warranty and 6-year compressor warranty by getting the air conditioner installed by an authorized HVAC Installer. During this time period a replacement will be provided for any defect either in the parts or compressor without any charge. The replacement for both the parts and the compressor will be covered under the original warranty duration.


Energy Efficiency � This air conditioner comes with a Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) control to increase the efficiency. It matches the current wave with the supply voltage wave and hence ensures that 98% of the input power is used effectively. Coupled with the Powerful one touch cool system, which produces a greater air flow, the PAM makes this air conditioner an excellent choice.

Superior Humidity Control � With the ability to remove up to 5.1 pints of moisture from the room every hour and about 125 pints every day, this Mitsubishi MSY A17NA Air Conditioner ensures that the humidity levels are maintained at the desired level at all times.

Providing Clean and purified air - An i-see sensor and an anti allergy blue enzyme filter further enhance the room conditions by keeping away dust, viruses, pollens and bacterial particles and blowing out only clean and fresh air.

Smart and Stylish - An external white finish gives it a stylish look, which blends effortlessly in any environment.

Environment & Maintenance friendly features - The R410A refrigerant used protects the ozone layer. The air conditioner has an Easy Clean Design whereby the front panel can be easily removed to check the unit and also for a quick and simple cleaning.

Multiple Options � The excellent M Series warranty and the Self Diagnostic function are added advantages. The New Linear Expansion Valve (LEV) further makes it an excellent choice.

Wide and long Airflow � Through the wireless remote, you can easily control the left and right airflow directions. Besides, which you can even easily adjusts the airflow into 42 different patterns.

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