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Mitsubishi MSY-A24NA Air Conditioner Review

Mitsubishi MSY-A24NA Air Conditioner provides a stylish, compact design with a cooling capacity of 22,000 BTU. This 16 SEER air conditioner is designed to be flexible and adaptable enough to be used for the purpose of a residential or a light commercial area. With no ductwork required, these air conditioners with their sleek and stylish designs are completely hassle free and easy to install.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • It uses the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant.

  • It comes with a Variable Compressor and a wireless remote control.

  • The unit also includes an extra long pipe of 100 feet.

  • It includes a pre-charged refrigerant.

  • The unit is embedded with the advanced Catechin Air Purifying Filter

  • It also has the Anti Allergy Blue enzyme filter, which taps dust, mites, pollen and bacterial particles.

  • The LED display flashes to check areas in case of a malfunction.

  • The 24-hour on/off timer allows to set the unit to turn on and turn off automatically whenever it is required thereby it saves energy.

Warranty Information

The warranty for Mitsubishi�s M-Series air conditioners can be automatically upgraded from the 2-year parts and 6-year compressor limited warranty period to a 6-year warranty timeline for both the compressor and parts if an authorized HVAC Installer installs the unit. This warranty covers replacement free of cost of any part that fails due to defect in either material or workmanship.


Stylish, simple and easy to clean � The design of the air conditioning unit is simple, compact and stylish and the simplicity even facilitates easy cleaning. Since the panel detaches easily, you can clean the vents and filters to improve the overall efficiency of your unit.

Computerized Dehumidification � It has the capability to remove up to 7.3 pints of moisture form the room every hour. This effectively means that it removes about 175 pints of moisture in a day to maintain the desired humidity level.

Environment friendly features - The R410A refrigerant used is one of the most environmentally sound choice available in the market apart from bringing higher efficiency in performance.

Energy Efficiency � The Variable Compressor Speed Inverter Technology commonly known as the VCSi technology help the unit in making huge energy savings up to almost 30%. These systems are able to detect minute changes in the temperature and accordingly instruct the compressor to alter its cooling. In conventional systems the compressor switches on and off again and again to adjust the room temperature thereby using valuable energy. VCSi systems on the other hand save energy by just tweaking the cooling as and when required.

Advanced i-see sensor � The new i-see sensor is fitted to ensure the ultimate customer comfort. It detects and tracks the cool and hot spots in a room and directs air flow accordingly. The intelligent system maintains temperature, humidity and air movement to provide only the best to its customers.

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