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Mitsubishi MSY D30NA Air Conditioner Review

Mitsubishi MSY D30NA Air Conditioner is a very powerful air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 30,700 BTU and a high-energy efficiency rating of 16 SEER. This M-series split ductless air conditioner is a superior air conditioning unit, which is backed by Mitsubishi�s innovative technology and high quality standards.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • It uses the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant.

  • It comes with a Variable Compressor and a wireless remote control.

  • The easy clean design allows you to easily detach the front panel and clean the vents and filters.

  • An extra long pipe of 100 feet is included.

  • It features the new i-see sensor, which detects the spots in a room that needs airflow.

  • The auto mode lets you set vane angles and fan speeds.

  • The wireless remote allows you to select from five airflow patterns.

  • Change in room temperature is compensated by the automatic auto change over feature.

  • The Self Diagnostic function facilitates easy maintenance.

  • The anti-rust coating increases the durability of the product.

Mitsubishi MSY D30NA Air Conditioner Warranty

Mitsubishi�s proof of commitment to service is definitely its warranty that features an automatic upgrade to a 6-year parts and 6year compressor warranty from a 2-year parts and 6-year compressor warranty if the unit is installed by an authorized HVAC Installer. Under this warranty, any part due to defect in material or workmanship will be replaced free of cost during the tenure of the warranty. The replacement will continue to be covered for the remaining time frame under the original warranty.


Super Quite Technology � This Mitsubishi MSY D30NA air conditioner uses advanced technology to give out the minimum sound possible. The fan has a large diameter and hence gives out more air flow at lower speed while the heat exchanger is designed in such a way so as to minimize air resistance. Noise is further reduced by the design of the pitch between blades of the fans and the condensing unit is placed outside, which makes sure that the noise of the compressor getting switched on and off is not heard inside.

Total Customer Comfort � The Mitsubishi MSY - D30NA Air Conditioner uses the Fuzzy Logic �I Feel� control to guarantee the perfect temperature in a room. The �Too Warm� button is to be pressed if the room is warmer than required and the �Too Cool� button is to be engaged if the room is cooler than required. To top this, the feature even remembers the exact temperature set earlier and repeats it every single time. In a way it leads to energy conservation as well as it minimizes excessive heating or cooling.

Stringent Quality Checks � The stringent quality policy checks all phases of development process to ensure it meets proper quality standards.

Advanced Compressor Technology � Variable Compressor Speed Technology is an advanced feature that even functions efficiently in partial load conditions thereby conserving energy and automatically slowing down when the desired temperature has been achieved.

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