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Formed in 1921, Mitsubishi Air Conditioners are world leaders in residential, commercial and industrial air conditioners.

The electric fan was introduced in 1921 followed by coolers about 10 years later. This company faced the enormous challenge to cater to the wide range of climatic conditions in Japan and came up with air conditioners suitable for any condition possible in the world. From its modest beginnings, this brand has indeed come a long way. The air conditioners are energy efficient and environment friendly to say the least.


The team at this company firmly believes that innovation is the key. Day in and day out, the technical team at Mitsubishi Air Conditioners, works towards providing more energy efficient components, easier control and lower environmental impact. With over 50 years of experience, their main goal is to provide maximum comfort to the user while protecting the environment.

Air Conditioning Solutions

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners offer a wide range of products to fulfill any cooling or heating need. Unbelievable technology is in place to heat one room while cooling the adjacent one! Whether the target is residential or commercial or industrial, their Air Conditioners ensure a best-fit solution. The air conditioning solutions are classified as:

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners � These air conditioners have an easy to clean design and are super quite. They also boast a Dry Computerized Dehumidification along with Emergency Circuit Protection.

Ceiling Concealed Air Conditioners � These air conditioners have an ultra compact design, which makes installation and service extremely easy.

Cassette Air Conditioners � The biggest advantage of these air conditioners is that they intake fresh air. They also boast a whisper quite operation.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning solutions are further divided as per the series.


This series uses advanced technologies and boasts inverter equipped models with quiet operation and high performance.

The INVERTER Models include the following:

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners � Includes the MSZ-F Series, MSZ-G Series and MSZ-H Series

Compact Floor Air Conditioners � Includes the MFZ Series

1-way Cassette Air Conditioners � Includes the MLZ Series

The FIXED SPEED air conditioning models include the stylish wall mounted MS(H)-G Series.

Popular Models



This series provides industry-leading performance with low power consumption. It includes two types of indoor air conditioning units:

2X2 cassette Air Conditioners � Includes the SLZ Series

Compact Ceiling Concealed Air Conditioners � Includes the SEZ Series


This series provides a high COP and low power consumption. It includes a wide variety of products, including the following:

4-way cassette Air Conditioners � Includes the PLA Series

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners � Includes the PKA Series

Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioners � Includes the PCA-KA Series

Celing Recessed Air Conditioners

Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioners for professional kitchens � Includes the PCA-HA Series

Floor Standing Air Conditioners � Includes PSA Series

Ceiling Concealed Air Conditioners � Includes PEAD-JA and PEA Series

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners focuses on the quality of life and provides the best possible air conditioning solutions. Due to its vast experience in the cooling industry, Mitsubishi Air Conditioners manufacture one of the most reputed air conditioners in the world.

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