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Mitsubishi Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner combines powerful cooling and efficiency with a well-designed ceiling recessed cassette. This type of air conditioners serve the dual purpose of saving valuable space since it is recessed discreetly into the ceiling and blows air into all directions due to its adjustable four-way airflow.

Mitsubishi Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner is part of Mitsubishi�s Mr. Slim Split-ductless product line and is specially engineered to adapt to all kinds of requirements. There are a series of models under this category and they all have a varying cooling capacity that can range anywhere between 6000 and 42,000 BTU.

The various models available are PLA-A12AA and PUY-A12NHA, PLA-A18AA and PUY-A18NHA, PLA-A24AA and PUY-A24NHA, PLA-A30AA and PUY-A30NHA, PLA-A36AA and PUY-A36NHA and PLA-A42AA and PUY-A42NHA.

Mitsubishi Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Powered by a Variable Compressor Speed technology.

  • It uses the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant.

  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating of 13 SEER.

  • The specially designed Super Quite Technology optimizes quite performance.

  • It has 72 air flow patterns, 4 notch fan speeds and an auto restart after power failure.

  • It has an extra long pipe of up to 165 feet.

  • It features a weekly timer, with 8 patterns per day.

  • It has a handy corner pocket

Warranty Information

Mitsubishi air conditioners offer 1-year parts warranty and a 6-year warranty on compressor from the date of the original installation. The conditions to avail this warranty are that the product should be purchased directly from Mitsubishi Electric or one of its partners. A replacement is provided for any defective part without any cost while the compressor warranty will cover replacement for a defective compressor and the replacement will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.

The Mitsubishi Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner Benefits

Energy Efficiency � This air conditioner comes with a SEER rating of 13 SEER, which results in an energy saving of up to 30% as compared to other air conditioners.

Technologically advanced compressor � Maintaining a consistent and accurate temperature at all times is the VCSi technology. Unlike a conventional system, this detects and readjusts the compressor speed to provide cooling as per the room conditions. Besides maintaining a constant temperature, this also conserves energy by adjusting the compressor speed rather than shutting off and on again.

Weekly Timer � The inbuilt weekly timer comes with the option of 8 patterns per day hence enabling customers to set the air conditioner a week in advance.

Quite Operation � The use of the Super Quite Technology ensures that the air conditioner gives only 27 decibels of noise.

Environmental friendly refrigerant - The refrigerant used features Zero Ozone Depletion potential (ODP) and heat transfer coefficient (COP). This means that the size of both the equipment and the piping is more compact and hence fuels higher pressure for optimum performance. It also translates to lesser impact on the environment.

Easy Installation and Service � The presence of a handy corner pocket assists in an easy service and installation of the air conditioner.

Multiple Options � With its 72 air flow patterns and 4 notch fan speeds the customer is provided with a number of options to operate the controls as per one�s preferences.

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