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Mitsubishi Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner Review

Mitsubishi Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner is part of the Mr. Slim P-Series that offers convenient and adaptable ductless air conditioning solutions to suit almost all kinds of commercial and residential requirements. These air conditioners are flexible enough to be suspended from the ceiling, thereby it not only saves on space but also provides powerful airflow in all directions.

Mitsubishi Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner is available in cooling capacity of up to 42,000 BTU and comes in a wide range of models including PCA � A24GA and PUY � A24NHA, PCA � A30GA and PUY � A30NHA, PCA � A36GA and PUY � A36NHA and PCA � A42GA and PUY � A42NHA.

Mitsubishi Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner Manufacturer Specifications

  • It uses R410A refrigerant, an environmentally sound choice.

  • A Variable Compressor Speed.

  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating of 13 SEER.

  • Super Quite Technology along with an ultra-silent outdoor unit ensures a quite and a smooth operation.

  • The low ambient operation allows the unit to operate effectively even in low temperatures.

  • Instead of a conventional fin, the flat fin prevents clogging and provides maximum efficiency to the unit.

  • It has an extra long pipe of up to 165 feet.

  • It includes a pre-charged refrigerant.

  • The slim smart remote control includes features such as LCD, multi-language display and weekly timer.

  • It boasts an EER 7.3 to 9.6.

  • It features auto vane and swing mode with 4 notch fan speeds.

  • It also includes auto restart after power failure.
  • It has an optional high performance drain pump.

Mitsubishi Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner Warranty Information

Mitsubishi air conditioner warranty covers a 1-year parts warranty and a 6-year compressor warranty. Both are applicable for the requisite period from the date of installation. It is important to buy the product directly from Mitsubishi Electric or one of its partners. The one-year parts warranty provides replacement for any defective part while the six-year warranty on compressor will replace the defective compressor. The replacement for both the parts and compressor will be covered for the remainder of the original warranty duration.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Benefits

Energy Efficiency � This air conditioner boasts an energy saving of up to 30% due to its SEER rating of 13 SEER. A high performance drain pump can be added to further improve the performance.

High compressor and motor Efficiency � The efficient scroll compressor reduces leaking and friction while the DC Fan motor, which powers the outdoor unit offers up to 60% more efficiency than an AC motor.

Hassle free maintenance � The unit has a 3-wire Indoor/Outdoor connecting cable that assists in identifying system diagnostics, thereby eliminating the conventional inspection work.

Weekly Timer � The embedded 8 different settings gives you the option to change the temperature as per your preferences each day.

Temperature Control Optimization � The advanced inverter technology prevents temperature fluctuation by identifying changes in room temperature and adjusting the speed automatically.

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