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MPK Air Conditioner

by Sherry

I thought of purchasing the Everstar MPK air conditioner since it was a portable unit and thought it would be of more use than a fixed air conditioner. A portable unit can be moved from one room to another hence a single unit would be sufficient to cool any room I wish to by easily moving it to the required room in our house but what I assumed was wrong and the whole problem started once I purchased this unit and started using it.

I have had only one month of problem free usage with this portable model during which I thought that it was the best cooling unit I have ever come across and I was proud of having made the right decision of purchasing it. I boasted about my choice air conditioning units to my husband and took all the credit for having purchased it and after a month I felt just the opposite and detest myself for purchasing the unit and even felt like simply dumping it in the garbage because it created a lot of problems.

I repent for having spent dollar $400 for a piece of junk since after one month the unit started leaking and created a real mess. The unit requires regular maintenance like cleaning the filters, the drain often gets clogged and it has now turned out to be a headache for us. I wish I had chosen a Split AC or a window AC rather than a portable one. Another disadvantage I have come across this air conditioner is that it is really very noisy and hence is a real nuisance while sleeping. I don�t have any experience with other portable air conditioners but with my personal experience with this Everstar portable model I feel that it is better to go for a fixed air conditioner.

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