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Packaged Thermal Air Conditioners

For Both Heating And Cooling Abilities

Packaged Thermal Air Conditioners are self contained machines, which are installed through the wall with a sub unit for each room, which can be controlled independently. These normally have the ability to heat as well as cool as per the requirement.


  • These do not require any kind of ductwork and hence drastically reduce the cost of installation and space required.

  • As the units can work independent of each other, they need to be operated only in the particular room where required and not the entire house.


  • Can only be installed in rooms with a wall directly outside.

  • They are less efficient as compared to central air conditioners thereby increasing the cost over a period of time by increased power bills.

A number of companies manufacture and market Packaged Thermal Air Conditioners. Some of them are:

Soleus Air Conditioners � This organization offers the best of customer service and top of the line products. Some of the models available are as follows:

SPTAC15H PTAC Air Conditioner � This model comes with a cooling capacity of 15,000 BTU per hour and a heating capacity of 14,000 BTU per hour. It is 42 inches wide and is almost maintenance free. It works on 60 hertz and 208-230 Volts. The sound level is reduced as the unit is enclosed in an enclosure.

SPTAC12H PTAC Air Conditioner � This is another model which has the ability to both heat and cool as per the customer�s requirement. These are designed for replacing existing installations where the dimensions of the wall opening are of utmost importance. It has the ability to remove about 32.4 pints of excess moisture from the air every day.

General Electric Air Conditioner � The following models are available:

AZ58H09 � It comes with a cooling of up to 9,300 BTU and heating of 8,400 BTU per hour. It comes with upfront filters to make service and maintenance a breeze. It boasts a three stage thermostat and self diagnostics feature which result in a better performance.

AZ39H09 � This unit helps protect vacant rooms from freezing temperatures and also results in increased room comfort. It prides in giving out low sound and reverse cycle heating.

Amana Air Conditioners � This company prides in combining an energy management software with easy to use controls. These come with a filter that can be easily pulled out for a quick and easy maintenance. One of the models available is:

PTC07 � This model comes with a cooling capacity of 7,200 BTU per hour and electric heater options ranging from 2.5 kW to 5 kW. It is available in 230/208 and 265 Volt options and fits the standard wall opening of 42 inches. It has sealed system refrigerant which helps protect the compressor by removing moisture and eliminating acid formation.

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