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Panasonic CS/CU-E28HKR Inverter Split Air Conditioner

Panasonic CS/CU-E28HKR Inverter Split Air Conditioner is one of the most distinct and impeccable air conditioner to be launched in recent years. Panasonic has undoubtedly come of age with the launch of some really spectacular products and these air conditioners might just add up to the ever increasing glory of the company. The air conditioner is also enriched with numerous features which make this air conditioning unit absolutely priceless. It�s not only hard but almost impossible to find such a complete air conditioning unit. With the arrival of these mobile air conditioners, air conditioning has become a soulful and an enriching experience.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

It is a wall hung type of split system air conditioner equipped with an inverter

The air conditioner can be easily used for both cooling as well as heating purposes

The cooling capacity of this air conditioner is 27300 Btu/hr whereas the heating capability is 32700 Btu/hr

The coefficient of performance while cooling is 3.02 EER with a corresponding heating CoP of 2.95

The Energy Star Rating given to this air conditioner for cooling and heating are 4.0 and 3 respectively.

The air conditioner uses an R410A type of refrigerant.

The air conditioners works on a current supply of 20 Amps and voltage supply of 240 V.

The air conditioner is equipped with an air filtration system


Panasonic products are highly quality-oriented and some of the best manpower in the world are behind their fabrication and production. So, cases of any abnormalities hardly arise. Still, keeping all factors in mind, a 5-year limited warranty is being provided on the purchase of Panasonic CS/CU-E28HKR Inverter Split Air Conditioners. During this warranty period, the company ensures that the product works efficiently and if in any case some problems arise, they are solved immediately.


Adapting to a customer�s needs and demands is really important to prosper in the electronics goods market. Panasonic is up to the challenge by coming up with something new and innovative every now and then. The advantages of using Panasonic CS/CU-E28HKR Inverter Split Air Conditioners can be categorised as follows:

Inverter Controlled: The inverter aides in providing the most desirable power control. This subsequently ensures convenient and cost effective air conditioning.

Powerful Cooling: The air conditioner is capable of providing quick and effective cooling at the touch of a single button.

Self-Analytic Function: In case a problem occurs, the AC unit itself detects the problem and the equivalent alphanumeric code is shown which further helps in servicing and repairing.

Easy and Quick Maintenance: Maintenance of the air conditioner is quite simple and trouble-free by simply removing the top panel of the outdoor unit.

No Foul Smell: No unpleasant smell comes out of the air conditioner during start-up. The air conditioner is fully equipped to deal with such problems.

Panasonic CS/CU-E28HKR Inverter Split Air Conditioners are a near to flawless split air conditioning unit. With such startling features, it�s indeed worth a try!

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