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Panasonic CS/CU-E9GKR Inverter Air Conditioner

Panasonic CS/CU-E9GKR Inverter Split Air Conditioner is an overtly distinct product as a fully assembled compact unit. Panasonic has been a pioneer when it comes to different styles of product manufacturing by bringing together both style and content on one table. This air conditioner is hard proof of the fact that when it comes to innovation, Panasonic has absolutely no competition. The indoor ultra-quiet operation by this air conditioner is an icing on the cake apart from the other startling features. Panasonic has been around the electronic market for a very long time. It has earned a lot of credibility among the customers by virtue of its customer-friendly services and some mind-blowing products.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The cooling capacity of this air conditioner is 8,870 BTU/hr while the heating capacity is 12,300 BTU/hr

  • During the cooling process it draws a current of 2.8 Amps whereas during the heating process, it is 3.8 Amps

  • The cooling efficiency of this air conditioner is 4.33 EER and the heating rate is 4.26 COP

  • The power input required while cooling is about .60 KW whereas the power input during the heating process is .845 KW

  • The air conditioner has an Energy Star Rating of 6.0 for both cooling as well as heating processes.

  • The overall dimensions (in mm) of this ac unit can be given as: 280 x 799 x 183 (for indoor unit) and 540 x 780 x 289 (for outdoor unit)

  • The net weight of the indoor unit is about 9 kg and the outdoor unit weighs about 34 kg


It�s rightly said and experienced that �no electrical system is foolproof� and there is always an element of unpredictability associated with the product. Thus, to ensure customer satisfaction of the highest level, a 5-year warranty is provided on the purchase of Panasonic CS/CU-E9GKR Inverter Split Air Conditioner.


    Panasonic CS/CU-E9GKR Inverter Split Air Conditioners are a near-to-flawless unit and subsequently a lot of benefits are attached with it. Some of them are:

    Supreme Air Quality: The mega e-ion filter used in this air conditioner filters out all the dust and other bacterial impurities thereby ensuring that the air quality is of the highest level.

    Ultra-Quiet Operation: The air conditioner operates at a minimalistic noise level thus ensuring a calm and soothing environment at home.

    Easy to Maintain: The front panel of the air conditioner can be easily detached and the necessary cleaning can be done from time to time.

    Intense Cooling and Heating: In case one needs immediate comfort, the air conditioner can be made to cool or warm really fast via power buttons.

    Smell-Removing Function: The air conditioner is fully equipped to deal with any unwarranted smell that might occur due to smoke or any other reason.

    It�s really important for a company to be fully acquainted with the customer needs and expectations to flourish. Panasonic has always lived up to the expectations of its customers and Panasonic CS/CU-E9GKR Inverter Split Air Conditioner is definitely worth a try!!

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