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Panasonic CS/CU-W7DKR Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner

Panasonic CS/CU-W7DKR Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner is a residential air conditioner. It performs both heating and cooling. It is 2.3kW Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner.

The Supersonic Air Purifying System which is incorporated in the indoor unit generates supersonic waves. Is has Super alleru-buster filter that gives a three-in-one effects - anti allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacteria protection that keeps the room air clean and healthy. The Ion Freshener generates around 20,000 negative ions that freshens the room.

It comes with luminous Compact Remote Control. It has 24 Hour on/off Real Time Programmable Timer. The Oscillating Louvers help in distributing the air more evenly throughout the whole room.

Manufacturer�s Specification

As per the manufacturer�s specifications, Panasonic CS/CU-W7DKR Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner has the following features that are far superior in terms of performance

It is wall hung type of Split System Air Conditioner

  • It�s Cooling Capacity is 2.30 KW

  • Capacity of Cooling is 7840 Btu/hr

  • Both Energy Star Rating for cooling and heating is 5 and 6 stars respectively

  • Its compressor type is rotary

  • R410A is its refrigerant type

  • It removes moisture at the rate of 1.5 litres/hour

  • Indoor Unit Width, Height and Depth are 799 mm, 280 mm and 183 mm respectively

  • The Net Weight of Indoor Unit 8 kg and Outdoor Unit is 26 kg

  • It has 10Amps of Power Outlet Current

  • Voltage is 240V

  • Operating Temperature Range is 5 degrees C to 43 degrees C

  • Inside Sound Pressure Level is 36 dB

  • Maximum Length of Pipe is10m

  • Coefficient of Performance - EER (Cooling) is 3.19


    Panasonic CS/CU-W7DKR Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner comes with a full 5-year parts and labour Warranty from the date of purchase. If, in the opinion of Panasonic or its Authorized Service Centre, the product is found to be defective then they provide repair or replacement free of cost. Warranty service is made available only when valid proof of purchase is presented. This warranty only applies if the product is installed by a licensed tradesperson and is used in accordance with the manufacturer�s recommendations under normal use and reasonable care. Both online and telephonic registration can be done.


    Quiet: This model is quiet in operation.

    Automatic Restart: It restarts automatically after a power cut

    Easy to Clean: Easy to clean the front-panel and can be washed in water

    Easy to Maintain: It provides access to maintain the top-panel. Outdoor Unit can be maintained quickly and easily by simply removing the top panel

    Power Surge Protection: It has 32 different recovery-timing patterns which ensure that air conditioners in the same building restart one after another instead of all at the same time which helps in preventing power surge after a blackout.

    Removes Odour: The air conditioner effectively removes odour from the room.

    Dehumidification: It dehumidifies the room to keep the room dry without much change in the temperature.

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