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Panasonic CS-F50DD1E5 Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner

Panasonic CS-F34DD1E5 Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner is 10kW Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner. It performs both heating and cooling. It has an inverter which demonstrates the maximum compressor torque. It quickly warms the room up to the set temperature and maintains a comfortable ambiance. Longer duct is used for the powerful airflow.

A variety of air conditioner layouts is possible when the air outlet is installed away from the main unit. It is registered with MEPS as it is fully compliant with MEPS performance standards. It has 24 Hour on/off Real Time Programmable Timer.

Manufacturer�s Specification

The Panasonic CS-F34DD1E5 Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner has the following specifications, which make it a very attractive product.

  • It is wall ducted type of Split System Air Conditioner

  • It�s Cooling Capacity is 10.0 KW and Heating Capacity is 11.2 KW

  • Capacity of Cooling is 34100 Btu/hr

  • Its compressor type is rotary

  • It uses R410A refrigerant

  • Coefficient of Performance - EER (Cooling) 3.26

  • Indoor Unit Width, Height and Depth is 1100 mm, 430 mm and 650 mm respectively

  • Operating Temperature Range is 20 degrees C to 43 degrees C

  • The Net Weight of Indoor Unit 50 kg, whereas for Outdoor Unit it is 110kg

  • Voltage is 240V

  • Sound Pressure Level Inside (High) is 50 dB

  • Maximum Pipe Length is 50 m and Height 30 m


    Panasonic CS-F34DD1E5 Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner comes with a full 5-year Parts & Labour Warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty service is made available only when valid proof of purchase is presented. This warranty only applies if the product is installed by a licensed tradesperson and is used in accordance with the manufacturer�s recommendations under normal use and reasonable care. Both online and telephonic registration of the model can be done.


    Quiet and Easy to Maintain: This model is quiet in operation and easy to maintain. This unit is also a power saver

    Automatic Restart: It restarts automatically after a power cut

    Self Diagnosing Unit: The system itself diagnoses the problem. The system shows a code that allows quicker service.

    Removes Odour: The air conditioner effectively removes odour from the room.

    Weekly Timer: It provides the facility of weekly timer setting to control the air conditioner. Per day maximum 6 settings and per week 42 settings can be executed.

    Automatic Cooling and Heating: The system automatically switches between cooling and heating to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The system automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the indoor temperature.

    Dry Mode: The system has Dry Mode that functions during wet seasons.

    Panasonic CS-F34DD1E5 Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner is ideal for 5 bedrooms or 1-3 bedrooms and a living, dining and kitchen area.

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