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Panasonic Air Conditioners are well known products manufactured by a reputed and renowned company Panasonic.

Apart from air conditioners, Panasonic also manufactures a wide range of home appliances including vacuum cleaners and stereo systems. It has its headquarters at Osaka, Japan and is known world wide for its electronic products and quality and services offered. It has been in the industry for a long time and has developed a firm customer base through its excellent services.

Panasonic Air Conditioner provides High EER which stands for Energy Efficient Ratio and means the amount of energy consumed. Hence, Panasonic Air Conditioners use less energy and save money on the electricity bills. It is known for its extreme noiseless functions, quick cooling and long life of compressor and condenser. It has a sleek and contemporary design which gives it an edge over other air conditioners.

Central air conditioning offered by Panasonic Air Conditioners is excellent. The air conditioning units of Panasonic are quiet efficient, less noisy and durable which leads to low air conditioning maintenance. Panasonic leads the competition by providing a high degree of customer satisfaction and an unmatched service. The main reasons for the success and world wide recognition of Panasonic Air Conditioners over other brands are as follows.

  • Use of Multi Step Fan which helps in the central cooling feature

  • Availability of remote controllable features such as timers and sleep mode option

  • Use of anti-microbial Filter and Electronic Controls which even leads to dust free cooling

    Panasonic manufactures manly three types of airconditioners - Inverter Split, Reverse Cycle Split and Inverter Ducted. A wide array of choices is offered in each of the three variants to suit every need.

    Panasonic Inverter Split Air Conditioner with Air Purifier: This is an air purifier and an inverter split air conditioner from Panasonic with Mega e-ion filter and patrol sensor. It also includes blue fin condenser which helps in cooling process. Products are offered from 2.6 kW to 8.0 kW capacities. Some of the models of this type of air conditioners are listed below.

    CS/CU-E28HKR: This is an 8.0 kW Inverter Air Conditioner with Air Purifier from Panasonic. This 2-in-1 air conditioner works on inverter technology and offers blue fin condenser.

    CS/CU-E18HKR: This 5.3 kW 2-in-1 air purifier and inverter air conditioner is amazingly quiet and efficient in its operation. It comes equipped with inverter technology and blue fin condenser.

    CS/CU-E9GKR: This affordable and entry level 2-in-1 Panasonic Air Conditioner cum air purifier is a 2.6 kW machine. It is super quiet in operation and works on inverter technology.

    Panasonic Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner: This class of air conditioners features high performance Super-Alleru buster filter and supersonic air purifying system. A luminous compact remote control is packaged with the products. Products are offered from 2.3 kW to 7.03 kW capacities. Some of the models of this type of air conditioners are listed below.

    CS/CU-W24EKR: This is a powerful 7.03 kW air conditioner equipped with supersonic air purifying system. It comes with a de-odorizing filter and compact remote control.

    CS/CU-W7DKR: This affordable but efficient model is a 2.3 kW machine featuring supersonic air purifying system and ion freshner.

    Panasonic Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner: These air conditioners are fully compliant with MEPS performance standards, making them one the best products in the class. They are known for their quiet and efficient design and flexible installation. Some of the models of this type of air conditioners are listed below.

    CS-F50DD1E5: This high end model features inverter control and has one of the quietest operations in the category. It offers remarkable flexibility in its installation and packs quite a power with 14 kW capacity.

    CS-F34DD1E5: This is a 10 kW inverter ducted air conditioner from Panasonic. Inverter control, quiet operation and flexible installation are the hallmarks of this model, which make it one of the most efficient in its category.

    On the whole, it is only the quality and services of the products offered that have made Panasonic Air Conditioners a preferred brand in the market.

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