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Panasonic CS-F34DD1E5 Air Conditioner

by Sam
(Mesa, Az)

The Panasonic CS-F34DD1E5 air conditioner is an innovation in air conditioning units. I was not quite aware how this air condition would function at the time of purchase because my interior designer recommended this model of air conditioner and I purchased it without any specific knowledge or experience. After having used it for about 1 and half years I find it very efficient and easy to maintain. The unit has got power saver feature as it is an inverter ducted air conditioner. It operates both as a cooling and heating air conditioner hence is a complete air conditioning solution for our requirements.

After installing the unit I did expect huge electricity bill but was surprised to find out that even after functioning the unit on a regular basis for more than eight to ten hours my electricity bill didn�t increase much and was quite reasonable. The unit is very energy efficient and hence economical to operate in the long run. Even though the initial expense for installing the unit is quite high the operating energy efficiency makes it very cost effective in the long run.

To enhance even more the energy efficiency feature there is an economy mode which I often set while operating the air conditioner. Even in the economy mode the air conditioner works the best and conditions the air at the most optimum level. The temperature levels from 20 to 40 degree can be set through the sleek and user friendly remote control. There is also a programmable timer which I rarely use it may be of advantage but I have tried it only once or twice. Overall the air conditioner is very efficient and ideal for both cooling and heating.

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