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Panasonic CS-F50DD1E5 Air Conditioner

by Sharon

Panasonic is a well known brand and that was the main reason why I had selected the CS-F50DD1E5 air conditioning unit and selecting this model my trust for the company has increased even more.

The Panasonic service center is located worldwide and there is also one located near our area hence even if a problem arises, which it has not yet happened until now, it can be solved easily. The model I own is a 17 KW inverter ducted air conditioner which has got a very efficient cooling function. The air conditioner unit has got very little maintenance and hence is a problem free one too. I would like to mention problem free because, I have installed the unit last year and never had to service it or had to pay for any maintenance charges until now.

Various temperature levels can be set to a minimum of 20 degree and to a maximum of forty three degree centigrade. The unit is ultra quite while operating and unlike other air conditioners we feel its functioning with its cooling operation and not due to the noise levels.

The Panasonic air conditioning unit has got a remote control that can be used to control and set various function, almost all functions can be controlled using the remote and the controls are also very user friendly. The on/off timer function is one advantageous feature that I use quite often and even though the air conditioner is energy efficient and environmental friendly the timer feature saves me even more money on electricity bill.

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