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Payne PA4A Air Conditioner

A Low Maintence Unit

Payne PA4A Air Conditioner is a highly reliable, comfortable and environment friendly product. D.W.Payne and his sons manufactured this product in the year 1916, for their West Coast customers. Since that time, the manufacturers have expanded nationwide with a brand known exclusively for its attractive designs, affordable products that work. The product is equipped with the standard grill which ensures durable and long lasting coil protection. The product vouches for guaranteed reliability, durability and smooth operation. This is all the consumers need to cope up with the long scorching summer season.

Manufacturers Specifications

  • Has an amazing cooling efficiency of 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the value of SEER, the higher the efficiency of the product.

  • The air conditioning unit is available in nominal cooling sizes of 018 through 060.

  • The air conditioning unit has a weight of 1.5 tonnes.

  • The air conditioning unit has chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant, which has great built in protective features.


Despite the perfection and impeccable performance of the air conditioning unit, the human touch to the machinery parts has been purview by the manufacturers. A five year limited warranty program ensures that the manufacturers will substitute malfunctioning parts with new ones through the service providers. This warranty program aims to build brand loyalty of the customers towards the product. The product is guaranteed for its reliability and productivity, apart from the attractive finish.


This ac unit has various benefits as discussed below:

Long Lasting Operation: The fan motor of Payne PA4A Air Conditioner is primarily responsible for making the product durable enough. The users are get a luxurious and satisfyingly functioning unit for a longer period of time.

Neighbor Friendly Operation: The model provides a respite from the nagging sound usually created by regular air conditioning units. This prevents noise pollution and makes the atmosphere quiet and harmonious which enhances the services of the air conditioning unit.

Attractive Designs: The painted finish is corrosion resistant, which not only makes the product highly durable but also maintains the unit�s integrity. It is less space occupying and fits into the trendy urban household brilliantly well.

Environment friendly product: The R-410a refrigerant is EPA approved and industrially accepted. It is chlorine free and is the environmentally sound substitute of R-22.

Low Maintenance: Consistent changing of the indoor filter will be enough in itself for the efficient functioning of the product for a comparatively longer period of time.

Payne Credit Program: This is a scheme designed for the residential installations, whose owners are eligible for consumer financing.

Overall, Payne PA4A Air Conditioner is known for the excellence in services right from the operation of the product to the customer care services. The Payne tag tells a lot about what the unpacked and installed piece of comfort appliance will deliver.

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