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Payne Air Conditioners

Offering Great Air Conditioning Products Since 1914

Payne Air Conditioners exactly knows what a customer wants and accordingly designs and delivers air conditioning solutions that are meant to last for years to come.

Ever since its inception in 1914, the organization has always strived to create and improvise the existing ones to enhance the overall quality of life and exceed the customers� expectations.

The home comfort air conditioning units are designed to ensure homeowners always enjoy consistent, affordable and sustainable indoor air-cooling comforts. Payne Air Conditioners offers three models of central air conditioning units and though all of them are of different SEERS, they are equipped to offer powerful performances at affordable cost. Following is a short brief on the various models so that you exactly know, which model would be perfect for your home environment.

PA14NA: This unit is known for offering a really high-energy efficiency with its 14 SEER energy ration. Since, it is a well-known fact that higher the energy efficiency rating, that much more savings on energy costs, therefore, this unit is a perfect combination of affordability and performance. The air conditioning unit is also equipped with the chlorine-free R-410A environmental friendly refrigerant that ensures you are even doing your bit towards protecting your immediate surroundings. Other features that make this model an ideal air conditioning unit for your home is attractive, durable and long lasting design, an efficient fan motor and built-to-last compressor. Payne Air Conditioners commitment to its customers is further ensured with an outstanding warranty period of 10 years from the date of installation.

PA13NA: Superior performance, energy efficiency and long-lasting durability makes this air-conditioning unit an ideal cooling product for your home. While the high energy efficiency ratio of up to 13 SEER ensure you never have to bear the burden of paying hefty monthly energy bills, the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant not only delivers superior performance but also protects your immediate environment. This R410A refrigerant protects the environment by having the least minimal effect on the earth�s ozone layer. This high efficient and smooth-running air conditioning unit is also equipped with high-quality grille to provide durable coil protection. This particular model also bears the lifelong imprint of the organization�s commitment towards providing quality products and services with its outstanding10-year warranty.

PA13NR: This is one of the most popular air conditioning units from Payne Air Conditioners that offers an energy efficiency rating of up to 13 SEER. You can now easily beat the heat on a really hot day with this highly efficient air conditioning unit without having to worry about being charged an enormous energy bill. The high SEER rating takes care of the energy consumption and ensures you don�t incur huge bills anymore. Other features that make it stand apart from a lot of its contemporaries include its long-lasting fan motor, attractive and compact design and a durable and efficient R-22 compressor. The icing on the cake is undoubtedly the 10-year warranty, which also goes to prove the organization is completely dependable and is there to provide service to its customers in the best possible manner.

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