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Personal Air Conditioners

For When Cooling Is Essential

Personal Air Conditioners are an excellent solution for cooling a small and relatively enclosed area. These go a long way in providing comfort where it matters most.


  • These are ideal for cooling tents, cars and hot work places. They have to be placed near the person to get the maximum benefit.

  • They are self contained and do not need much power to operate. The price is usually low and the maintenance requirement is less.


  • These are not very powerful machines and can be used to cool only small areas.

  • Most of these units need to be filled with ice after certain periods of time so as to enable them to work effectively.

There are numerous companies providing Personal Air Conditioners. Two of the most popular models are as follows:

1. 1097 O2 � Cool Air Conditioner � This is a battery powered, portable air conditioner, which require two D cell batteries to operate. It is an excellent choice while camping, barbequing in the backyard, hot enclosed office spaces and during power outages especially in homes with infants and old people. It is a must have option during the hurricane season and hot and humid summers as all it needs is batteries and ice to function. It is small in size with dimensions of 12.31 inches by 7.04 inches by 11 inches and weighs only 7.5 pounds, making it extremely easy to transport from one place to another. It uses ice to give three different cooling options:

A. Icy Breeze � Ice needs to be used and the result is a lowering of temperature by up to 3 degrees.

B. Water Mister � These personal air conditioners are cool mist and feature kicks in and cools the surroundings effectively and efficiently.

C. Powerful Fan � In this mode the unit gives a cool and strong breeze without any need to fill up ice.

2. SF � 613 Sunpentown Evaporative � This portable machine comes with an ionizer and state of the art LCD controls. It uses almost the same amount of power as a simple light bulb to cool small spaces and effectively reduces the temperature by up to 12 degrees. It does not have the ability to cool an entire room but gives out air with oscillating louvers to distribute cool air evenly in a small space. Its main benefits are as follows:

A. It can be used even as a fan or humidifier due to the presence of advanced computer controlled air flows.

B. The ionic air purifier helps clean the air making it an excellent choice for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems. Its dual filtration ensures that the air is purified and results in a much better environment.

C. It does not use any refrigerant and uses water instead to cool the air, making it completely environment friendly.

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