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Quiet Air Conditioners

When Peace And Quiet Is Important

Quiet Air Conditioners are machines that give almost no noise. These are of extreme importance in areas where noise is a concern like schools, hospitals, restaurants and hotels. In fact, the truth is that each and every place benefits from low noise levels so much so that the amount of noise is directly proportional to anxiety and illnesses. A number of organizations have realized that, with other features remaining more of less the same, customers are ready to pay more for products that make lesser noise. This shift in the attitude of most customers has resulted in companies concentrating on producing low noise options.

Air conditioners were perhaps the first items that saw the race for lower noise as they are most common of all machines. Almost all homes come either with window, portable or whole house split air conditioners. We have become totally dependent on air conditioners and have them in our homes, offices and vehicles. Therefore it becomes even more important that they make less noise.

A number of companies provide low noise quiet air conditioners. Some of them are as follows:

Haier Air Conditioners � This world famous brand strives to provide total customer comfort. It provides the following options:

HWR10XC6 � This is a 10,000 BTU machine with electronic controls and a digital display. It adjusts the temperature within the room easily and has an air flow in the range of 200 to 235 CFM.

HWVR08XC9 � It comes with an Energy Efficiency Rating of 9.5 EER and has three different fan and cool settings. It is designed to fit into slider or casement windows and discharges air from the top.

Goodman Air Conditioners � These come with the seal of quality of Ingram and some of the options available are:

GSC130481C � This has a capacity of 4 tons and a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 13 SEER. It comes with the unique sound control top design and has a louvered metal guard for complete protection.

GSC130361C � This is spilt air conditioning system that provides whole house comfort with its capacity of 3 tons. It comes with a 24/7 live chat support to help you solve minor problems without calling a technician.

Friedrich Air Conditioners � These are known for their excellent quality and high performance even in hot and humid climates. Some of the options available are:

WE16B33A � It provides both heating and cooling options making it useful the year round. It is programmable and comes with a full function remote control.

WE13B33B � It comes with an Energy Efficiency Rating of 9 EER and is an excellent choice for retrofits, construction and remodeling. It can be installed either lower or higher on the wall depending on the requirement and room d�cor.

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