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Rheem 13AJL Series Air Conditioner

With Bi-Directional Filter Drier

Rheem 13AJL Series Air Conditioner is one which blends into landscapes in majority of homes quite effortlessly. Thanks to its louvered, stylish and low-profile steel cabinet which apart from being attractive makes the air conditioner weather-proof. It uses the refrigerant 410A which makes the condensing units eco-friendly as per the existing world environmental standards. The maintenance of this air conditioner is quite easy and its quiet fan operation might also fetch some appreciation from neighbors. The brand has product improvement policy which gives it the right of making changes without notice.

Manufacturer's Specifications

    Key specifications of this air conditioner are listed below:

  • This air conditioner has a high energy efficiency ratio of 13 SEER

  • It has condenser coils made up of copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fins

  • The model features bi-directional filter drier

  • The discharge pattern of air is through a grill on the top of the condensing unit which lowers the noise levels and thus assures the fan operation to be quiet.

  • Apart from sound reduction, the system also has a hand in giving a hike to the fan�s and the motor�s service life. The upward discharge pattern of air helps making the fan operation a quieter one since it minimizes the air restriction.

  • The base pan acts as a corrosion reducing agent and simultaneously helps in draining out the condensation.


The 13AJL Series Air Conditioner has terms and conditions of warranty which is quite lucrative as far as users are concerned. They include a 10 year replacement for the compressor and conditional parts and 5 years replacement warranty for other parts. This is valid for air conditioners with 13 SEER.

Rheem 13AJL Series Air Conditioner Review / Benefits

Important benefits of this model are as follows.

Long Lasting Cabinet: It has painted louvered steel cabinet, which is quite durable.

Easy Service Access: Removal of just one service panel makes the condenser coil, the compressor and the condenser accessible, making servicing of the unit easy.

High Durability: The construction of this ac, especially the steel cabinet layering provides it with appropriate protection so that it can last longer withstanding all weather situations. Moreover, as far as comfort is concerned, Rheem is a reliable brand.

Eco-Friendly: These condensing units utilize Refrigerant 410a which keeps off ozone depletion. It also makes the condensing unit worth meeting and sometimes exceeding the world environmental standards.

Maximum Performance Efficiency: The model saves a lot of energy due to high SEER rating.

This Air Conditioning unit has special features like eco-friendliness and low noise fan operation which make it suitable for all houses. Its like a boon for one and all. Buying these air conditioners would be a safe investment users would like to make.

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