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Rheem 14AJL Series Air Conditioner

With An Energy Efficiency Of 14 Seer

Rheem 14AJL Series Air Conditioner with the R-410A refrigerant offers utmost comfort without any worry regarding the high energy costs. Rheem has been the leader in the air conditioner industry for quite long simply because it delivers quality performance with energy efficiency ratings as high as 14 SEER. The R-410A refrigerant is environment- friendly implying that it does not harm the environment by emitting harmful gases and also provides high returns on the energy used. The model is a value-for-money product.

Manufacturer´┐Żs Specifications

  • This model has a cooling capacity starting with 24000 BTUs.

  • The ac has the R-410 refrigerant which is environment friendly. It does not harm the ozone layer by emitting large quantities of greenhouse gases.

  • This product has an energy efficiency rating of 14 SEER which is fabulous when compared to the standard in the air conditioners available in the market.

  • The air conditioning unit has a cabinet options with the motor mounted to a stand so as to reduce the sound and vibration while in operation.

  • The 14AJL Series air conditioner has the controls accessible by removing just a panel.


Rheem 14AJL Series Air Conditioner is a result of exquisite craftsmanship with the combination of advanced technology and hence, there are very few chances of a manufacturing defect being present in the air conditioner. However, the company provides a 10 year warranty on the compressor and a 5 year limited warranty on the parts to take care of any manufacturing defects creeping in the machine.


The model enjoys many advantages over the other air conditioners available in the market in its category. A few of the advantages are mentioned below:

The R-410 Refrigerant: The air conditioner has an R-410A refrigerant which is very much environment-friendly. It emits fewer amounts of green house gases which do not harm the ozone layer to the extent which other conditioners harm this layer extensively.

Energy Efficiency Rating: The air conditioner enjoys an energy efficiency rating of 14 SEER which is quite exceptional considering the dismal energy efficiency standards of the other air conditioners in the market. The high energy efficiency ratings ensure that the energy consumed over longer periods of time is considerably less. It saves on the energy part as well as on the pocket part of the customer as well.

Low Noise: The product air conditioner emits very low noise which contributes to the comfort of the user.

Options and Easy Access: The air conditioner comes with options regarding the cabinet and has one panel which has all the controls.

Rheem 14AJL Series Air Conditioner is a value-for-money product and is surely one of the correct and perfect choices that a user can make.

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