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Rheem RANL JEZ Series Air conditioner

by Jeff

I have purchased Rheem RANL Jez series Air conditioner because my previous air conditioner was an older version of Rheem which was really great. I was very satisfied with its quality and performance that I decided to purchase the same brand when my old air conditioning unit was out dated and old. Even though I was very satisfied with my older version of AC unit I am not at all satisfied with the new version because after one year my air conditioning unit�s compressor had problems and when I registered complaint they took five days to respond to the complain and nearly a month to replace the compressor since the air conditioner was within the warranty period I got the compressor repaired and replaced free of cost.

I feel that the company�s product has lost its integrity and do not maintain the old standards or I may have been provided with a defective product. My reliability on the brand name is now completely lost and if I am to change my unit in future I would never go for the brand again. It is true that the unit is energy efficient and environmental friendly but the problem I have experienced with the product and the type of service they have provided had really caused strong dissatisfaction and loss of trust. I hope I would not face any problem in the future at least two or three years from now only then I could get worth out of the money spend. The older versions of this make are really good but don�t feel the same with the new version.

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