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Rheem RARL JEC Series AC Unit

by Susan
(My Boutique)

I have installed the Rheem RARL JEC series air conditioner unit in my boutique and have found it very efficient as the unit cools evenly at the set temperature very fast. As soon as I open my boutique I switch on the lights and my air conditioning unit and what impressed me about this ac is that it cools the whole area within a few minutes even when the climate is very hot. This fast cooling and energy efficient feature makes it very ideal for small commercial application like my boutique. There are various additional features like onboard diagnostic, fault recall options etc. which I feel is not common in other models and brands.

The unit is very dependable and requires very little maintenance and has got various protective features to make it more durable and safe from exterior factors while functioning. When there are voltage fluctuations or any situation harmful for the air conditioner the unit cuts off automatically thus saving the unit from damaging. Unlike normal ac units this unit cools and provides a comfortable air temperature by controlling the humidity. One other most striking feature I have noticed with this model is that it functions very quietly; you wouldn�t even hear or notice it while functioning as they are very quite.

The cabinets are very durable and haven't even discoloured since they are made of high quality materials. A very strong and durable unit I must say since I have had no repair works or maintenance for the last two years since its purchase. I am very content with its functioning and energy efficient feature that it is strongly recommended by me.

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