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Royal Sovereign Air Conditioners

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Royal Sovereign Air Conditioners are recognized worldwide for its innovative technology, competitive pricing, quality control and for offering an effective customer and product support.

Royal Sovereign Air Conditioners are a line of full-featured Portable Air Conditioners that can also be used in fan mode to circulate air. These innovative air conditioners are freestanding units that are equipped with a host of interesting features. The various air conditioning models have been classified according to their cooling BTU units.

8,000 BTU Units

ARP-1008: This portable air conditioner is a 3-in-1 air conditioning system that combines cooling, fan mode to circulate air and a dehumidifier. The advanced evaporative system ensures you never have to empty the bucket.

9,000 BTU Units

ARP-9009TL: Featuring BTU Power Booster Technology, this model is designed to offer powerful cooling with its BTU of 9000. The Hideaway hose ensures easy storage and mobility.

ARP-904EC: This slim-line portable air conditioner with a BTU of 9,000 is equipped to deliver a superior performance while its compactness ensures easy storage and portability.

ARP-900DE: Supporting a compact style and a sleek design, this 9000 BTU air conditioner is aimed at providing air round comfort with its combination of both cooling and heating system. The self-evaporative system further ensures efficient cooling of the air conditioner.

ARP-4009: Sturdy, robust and super efficient makes this 3-in-1 compact air conditioner the ideal air conditioning solution for your home. The air conditioner can also work in a fan mode to circulate air and as a dehumidifier too.

ARP-906EC: This portable air conditioner with heat system is a product that will provide you with year round comfort. Its compact, portable body is capable of providing 9,000 BTU of effective cooling.

10,000 BTU Units

ARP-5010X: This sleek and stylish looking air conditioner offers powerful cooling with its 10,000 BTU and 3-in-1-air comfort system. Its special dual hose technology is designed to cool the room more efficiently than conventional single hose designs.

ARP-4010: Robust and sturdy, this air conditioner can also be used in fan mode to circulate air and as a dehumidifier too. The self-evaporative system combined with oscillating mode ensures efficient cooling and direct airflow.

ARP-1010: Need an air conditioner that provides comfortable cooling during those terrible summer months? Well, this product is designed to offer you not only powerful cooling with its 10,000 BTU but also add to the d�cor of your home with its stylish and compact design.

ARP-6010X: Featuring a classic wood design, this 10,000 BTU air conditioning unit is packed with a bunch of powerful features including 3-in-1-air comfort system and self-evaporative feature.

ARP-1000EX: Featuring a digital control system, a dual hose and a 3- speed fan, this portable and compact Royal Sovereign air conditioners provide efficient and effective cooling.

11,000 BTU Units

ARP-9011TL: Fight the heat this summer with this powerful and efficient Royal Sovereign air conditioners with a BTU of 11,000. It features an adjustable thermostat and a 24-hour timer.

12,000 BTU Units

ARP-6012X: Offering a host of interesting features, this powerful cooling unit with 12,000 BTU provides an efficient cooling system.

ARP-4012: The compact and slim-line styling provides efficient cooling with its 12,000 BTU and its self evaporative technology.

ARP-1200DE: This 4-in-1-air comfort system is known for its cooling, fan mode, dehumidifier and its heating mode for winter months.

ARP-5012X: This 12000 BTU air conditioner offers self-evaporative system, digital temperature controls, 3 speed fan and adjustable louvers.

ARP-3012: This is an ideal air conditioning unit, which is stylishly designed and equipped to offer a powerful experience with its self-evaporative technology, digital temperature controls and a BTU of 12,000.

ARP-2412: Beat the heat with this air conditioning unit that uses environmental friendly R-410 refrigerant and offers a cooling efficiency of 12,000 BTU.

ARP-4012H: With the desire to offer the best to its customers, this unit from Royal Sovereign Air Conditioners features self-evaporative system, 4-in1-air comfort system and digital temperature control.

ARP-1200EX: This compact, portable ac unit is designed to offer 12,000 BTU of cooling efficiency and features self-evaporative technology with a 3-speed fan mode.

ARP-5012XH: This state-of-the-art air conditioning unit comes with a contemporary and a sleek design and 4-in-1-air comfort system is the ideal portable air conditioning unit for your home.

14,000 BTU Units

ARP-1400 BLS: A host of interesting features including 3-in-1-air comfort system and a self-evaporative technology is packed within the contemporary sleek black design of this air conditioning unit.

ARP-1400WW: Featuring a pristine white and a sleek design, these Royal Sovereign air conditioners come with a BTU of 14,000 pack quite a punch with its powerful performance.

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