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Ruud 14AJA Series Air Conditioner

by Sharon

The Ruud 14AJA series air conditioner is very cost effective and reasonably priced and maintains high standards and quality like other expensive air conditioner units. I have found considerable difference in its price compared to other models and brands having the same specification. I was overwhelmed about the difference in the price of this particular model. When I went to purchase an air conditioning unit I had almost fixed the deal and settled with Daikin air conditioner and was about to take it home when I found this particular model which costs less and also includes similar features and specifications. On seeing the price variation I thought why I should go for an ac which cost me more and instantly decided to cancel my order for Daikin and settle for Ruud.

The performance and functioning of Ruud air conditioner is up to the standards and the unit is really very efficient and provides the perfect cooling solution that I am contended with. I am happy that I have opted for this model and purchasing this particular unit has saved me a lot of money. The unit is also very energy that after installing this unit I was able to save on energy bills. As compared to my previous cooling unit the Ruud air conditioner is highly energy efficient and has significantly shown its efficiency by reducing my energy bill to almost half the original amount.

I am glad that I have gone for this unit and changed my decision of purchasing Daikin air conditioner. I was not only able to save money on the purchases but also have attained a very efficient and perfect air conditioner that is also very cost efficient in the long run.

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