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Ruud UAKB series Air Conditioner

For Reliable Performance

Ruud UAKB series Air Conditioner offers quality cooling perfect for residential as well as commercial purposes. Ruud has been considered a legend in the air conditioning industry for more than 100 years which itself speaks volumes about the quality of the performances it delivers and the features it provides in the air conditioners. The brand has always been the best among the preferred choices for any kind of use since it has a number of models for providing solution to every kind of air conditioning needs of the user. This model with an advanced working compressor and 10 SEER energy efficiency rating promises to be a reliable solution to all air conditioning needs.

Manufacturer's Specifications

Key specifications of this model are listed below.

  • This air conditioner has a good cooling rate of 36000 BTUs per hour, sufficient for residential and commercial purposes.

  • The model comes with an energy efficiency rating of 10 SEER. The high energy efficiency rating helps save energy.

  • The product comes with an air compressor which uses the latest technology for high quality performance.

  • The ac works at 230V with a single phase line.

  • It has a liquid valve of 5/16 inches and a suction valve of 3/4 inches.

  • It measures 27 inches in length and 40 inches in breadth and 19 inches in height.

  • The air conditioning unit weighs only 180 pounds.

Warranty Ruud has always been credited with reliable performances over long periods of time. The company provides a warranty of 5 years on the compressor and the body parts as well when in residential use and a warranty of 1 year when in commercial use.

Ruud UAKB series Air Conditioner Review / Benefits

Ruud UAKB series Air Conditioner is known for superior performances and latest technologies it uses. This air conditioner enjoys certain advantages over other air conditioners which are described below:

Good Cooling Capacity: The model has a cooling capacity of 36000 BTUs. It is better than most of the other air conditioners.

High Energy Efficiency Rating: The energy efficiency rating of 10 SEER is impressive and save a lot of money in energy bill.

Advanced Air Conditioner: The air conditioner has a compressor which uses latest technologies for better performance. The advanced air compressor is mainly responsible for the success of this air conditioner.

Service Valves: The service valves of small size are standard features in this air conditioner. It is a major advantage for the this series of air conditioners.

Convenient to Install: It weighs only 180 pounds and is convenient to install. This air conditioning unit is certainly worth buying as it provides comfort, energy efficiency and reliability. All prospective users would love to go for it.

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