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Ruud UAND Series Air Conditioner

With Easy Access Panel

Ruud UAND Series Air Conditioner uses one of the best scroll compressors and a base pan which make it sound proof and reduce vibration. These air conditioning units have wrap around cabinets making its internal parts weather, hazard and corrosion proof. The outdoor coil used here not only enhances room air conditioning and airflow but also saves power.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The Ruud UAND Series Air Conditioner has a nominal capacity ranging from 5.28 kW to 17.6 kW.

  • It has a nominal size ranging from 1.5 tons to 5 tons.

  • The dimensions of this air conditioning unit is (height: length :width) 482mm X 851mm X 603mm to 838mm X 1092mm X 800mm depending on the model.

  • It has an access clearance capacity of 24 inches and an air discharge clearance capacity of 60 inches.

  • 230 V of power supply can suffice the power requirement.

  • These air conditioners have a seasonal energy efficiency rating of 13 (ranging up to 15)which means they are energy efficient.


Have a very simple and appropriate set of terms and conditions of warranty for its users. They will replace parts of the product in case it fails in normal use and service within the mentioned or applicable period. This time frame for some of the important parts are as follows.

Condenser coil - Five years, Compressor � Upto 10 years, All other parts � Upto Five years

Ruud UAND Series Air Conditioner Review \ Benefits

Weather-Proof Wrap Around Cabinets: These galvanized cabinets provide the condensing coil fins with protection from hazards and corrosion due to weather changes and moisture.

Easy Access Panel : The access panel can be removed very easily for a view of the compressor and the control box.

Pressure Control : Pressure controls installed in selected models of this series provides protection to the scroll compressor from pressure extremes.

Single Speed Motor : It is because of this motor that the operation of such air conditioners is slow and quiet and saves energy.

Outdoor Copper Coil : This innovative outdoor coil is made of aluminum fins and copper tunings. It improves airflow transfer and helps save energy.

The best part about this ac unit is the energy efficiency feature. With the SEER ranging up to 15, these air conditioning units are extremely energy efficient. The single speed motor and the outdoor coil are into improvising this aspect. Apart from that, unlike most products, more than one parts have a common feature to work on. Say for example, both the scroll compressor and the base pan are involved in sound reduction. Besides all these, it has got lucrative terms of warranty too. So, overall it would be a nice buy and a safe bet to invest in this product.

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