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Ruud UAPC Series Air Conditioner

Ranging From 18,000-60,000 BTU's

The Ruud UAPC Series Air Conditioner comes with one of the best compressors available in the market. As a compressor defines the quality and performance of a unit, the scroll compressor used is Copeland Compliant and boasts superior performance, high efficiency, dependability and low sound levels.
The unit uses R410A refrigerant, which is the most environment friendly option available in the market as it does not harm the ozone layer of the atmosphere. The 1000 hour spray of salt as per ASTM B117 standards was conducted and all these models passed it easily thereby proving their superior quality and durability under hot and humid conditions.

The company offers a five year limited warranty on the products by virtue of which the units are either repaired or replaced free of charge if found defective in materials used or workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

The various models of Ruud UAPC Series Air Conditioner available are:

1. 18,000 BTU units � These come with a durable steel cabinet, which is galvanized to protect it from the weather and goes a long way in reducing the maintenance cost. This also helps in prolonging the life of these units.

2. 24,000 BTU units � These models have a single panel that can be removed to have access to most of the internal components. This makes it extremely easy to service these units, which have a cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU per hour.

3. 30,000 BTU units � A base pan comes with these units, which ensures that the unit is slightly raised and not in touch with the pad hence reducing corrosion. It also results in a lower vibration and effectively quieter performance.

4. 36,000 BTU units � These units come with a motor mount that prevents damage to the fan motor thereby prolonging the life of the unit. A number of thermostat options are available ranging from programmable to non programmable for these units with a cooling capacity of 36,000 BTU per hour.

5. 42,000 BTU units � They come with a state of the art copper tubing and aluminum fins that ensure improved efficiency, better air flow and lower operating costs. The compressor has a high tolerance and is completely protected from any kind of system contamination.

6. 48,000 BTU units � These units are protected from low or high refrigerant levels by the presence of safeguards. Its state of the art Fault Recall Feature allows display of last six fault codes and helps in rectifying problems with ease.

7. 60,000 BTU units - There is an excellent mechanism to check the operation of the unit and the compressor and the fan can be operated for just 5 seconds with the help of a push button. This helps to ascertain if they are functioning properly in case of any doubt.

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