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Ruud UAPL Series Air Conditioner

With An Energy Efficiency Of 14 Seer

Ruud UAPL Series Air Conditioner has been the one-stop appliance for all kinds of air conditioning needs of people. Ruud has been a trusted name for quite long and this model reinforces people's trust on the brand. It comes with high performance quality. Not only this, it is quiet, environment friendly and reliable. It provides low cost cooling with energy efficiency ratings of 14 SEERs. The manufacturer offers this model in two variants � UAPL-AZ Series and UAPL-JEZ Series.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Cooling capacities of this series ranges from 17,700 to 59500 BTUs per hour.

  • This air conditioning unit has an energy efficiency rating as high as 14 SEERs which ensures that low energy is consumed.

  • The air conditioner has a dependable compressor, which ensures that there is no glitch while it is running.

  • It gives very low noise, making it ideal for family use.

  • The model features R 410A Refrigerant, which is known to be extremely environmental friendly.

  • Single speed 8-pole fan motor affords low speed, quiet, energy-saving operation.

  • The model comes with a liquid line filter drier.


Though the company has never had manufacturing defects present in its appliances, it still provides a warranty of 10 years on the compressor and a 5 year warranty on the body parts of this model. The company also provides an alternate plan for registered users for a 10 year warranty on the body parts.

Ruud UAPL Series Air Conditioner Review / Benefits

This ac is the market leader in the field of air conditioners because of certain advantages it enjoys over other air conditioners. A few of the advantages are mentioned below:

High performance and Reliability: It is known for the reliability and the high quality of performances that it delivers. These air conditioners are known to work in any condition and give their best performance.

The R-410 Refrigerant: It has an R-410 refrigerant which cares for the environment as much as we do. The R-410 refrigerant emits negligible amount of green house gases and ensures that the ozone layer does not get depleted.

Power Saver: High SEER rating ensures low power bills.

Low Noise: It emits low noise while operating which is quite a comfort for the users.

Easy to Maintain: Removal of top grille makes all controls accessible. This makes servicing and maintenance of this air conditioner easy.

Long Lasting Cabinet: wrap-around jacket protects the condenser from harsh weather conditions. Cabinet is powder painted, making it weather proof and corrosion free.

The Ruud UAPL Series Air conditioner is one of the best choices available in the market. It is ideal for residential as well as light commercial use. This model satisfies all the tall claims it makes, making it a preferred air conditioner.

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