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Ruud AJL Series Air Conditioner

by Karen
(Edmonton, AB.)

When I went to purchase an air conditioner for my home cooling requirements, on comparing the prices I found the Ruud AJL series Air Conditioner much cheaper than similar models and the specification and features suited my requirements for cooling, I chose a 14 seer unit the most energy efficient model and was exited to get it installed in my home. I placed an order with the dealer and paid the full amount for the product the very next day. The unit was delivered the same day I have made the full payment. The service person from the company arrived next day to install the unit and after installing and checking the unit was functioning perfectly.

It worked problem free for about a week and then one night when I switched it on I heard a thudding noise from inside the unit and it went dead instantly. I was very disappointed and called up the dealer to complaint about the defective product he had sold to me. I demanded a replacement but he said in his sweetest tone that he can�t replace the unit but can get it repaired. I did not agree to his terms and called the company to complaint about the matter. I got an answering machine and then after constant trying for about two days heard a customer service person�s voice. I was so much annoyed that I was talking very loudly that the customer service person got frightened and said that he would talk to the manager regarding the matter.
They tried to settle the matter with a repair work but I didn�t agree to their statement and demanded a complete replacement or else I would sue them. To protect the company�s reputation they finally agreed to replace the whole unit with a new one it is really painful when a new unit on which you have spend so much breaks down within a week.

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