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Samsung AW06ECB8 Air Conditioner

With Energy Efficiency Ratio of 10.7 EER

Samsung AW06ECB8 Air Conditioner is manufactured for lasting years with its state of the art rust free cabinet and double coated cooling fins. The rust free cabinet resists hot and humid conditions due to its coating of an anti corrosion agent while the double coated fins remove water drops thereby minimizing corrosion. These two combine to increase the life of the unit to a large extent and reduce the maintenance costs associated with it.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • This ac comes with the good sleep mode wherein the air conditioner adapts its cooling depending on the body temperature while sleeping thereby helping in providing uninterrupted sleep. This feature makes it one of the first choices for hospitals and for old and unwell people.

  • Its operating current is 5 amperes and is works on 115 volts and 60 hertz and in a single phase machine.

  • The air conditioning unit boasts an Energy Efficiency Ratio of 10.7 EER as it saves a lot of energy due to presence of energy saving mode, sleep mode and electronic temperature control.

Samsung AW068ECB8 Air Conditioner Warranty

A warranty of 5 years is provided on these units in United States, wherein the company is liable to either repair or replace the products free of charge if found defective in materials used or workmanship.


  • It comes with an easy to access filter that can be cleaned regularly to give excellent performance.

  • The compressor used is a long lasting rotary compressor that has the ability to provide sustained cooling for long hours without any risk of breakdown.

  • It comes with six different options; three fan options to be used on not so hot days and three cool options to be used on hot days.


  • The unit does not come with the air ventilation feature that helps rotate the indoor and outdoor air. This makes the air inside the room slightly stale at times.

    Samsung AW068ECB8 Air Conditioner Review

    The Samsung AW068ECB8 Air Conditioner is an Energy Star compliant machine that helps save on power bills and is environment friendly at the same time. It prides in meeting the strict water and energy efficiency guidelines of both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

    This air conditiong unit comes with a cooling capacity of 6,000 BTU per hour or 1512 Kcal per hour making it ideal for small rooms and areas. It has the capability to remove up to 1.6 pints of excess moisture from the air every hour to help keep the humidity at the desired level. This goes a long way in creating a suitable indoor climate even in extremely hot and humid conditions. Its superior performance coupled with enormous energy savings makes it an extremely popular choice among customers all over the world.

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