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Samsung AW18ECB8 Air Conditioner

Comes With Sleep Mode

Samsung AW18ECB8 Air Conditioner provides excellent cooling with a cooling capacity of 17,600 BTU per hour. It has the exceptional ability to adapt as per the body temperature while the customer is sleeping. Body temperature is unstable especially when a person is sleeping since most air conditioners do not have features that can adapt accordingly. Therefore a person has no choice but to sleep under a temperature, which is either too hot or too cold. Sleep is interrupted and the person has to adjust the air conditioner prior to going back to sleep. It is here that this unit scores over most others as it comes with a good sleep mode that tries to adjust the room temperature as per the body temperature cycle.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • This ac comes with a powerful and efficient rotary compressor that helps cool room even on the hottest of days without any problems.

  • Its dimensions are 16.57 inches by 24.4 inches by 27.17 inches and the weight is 108.25 pounds.

  • The air conditiong unit operates on 208-230 volts and boasts an Energy Efficiency Rating of 10.7 EER.

  • Air is discharged from the top and its maximum air circulation is 470 CFM. It also comes with a sleep mode, energy saving mode and a timer so as to use the minimum possible energy.

  • These units can be installed easily and quickly due to the presence of a quick mount kit so much so that installing it never an issue.


These units are covered by a limited warranty of 5 years wherein the company is liable to either repair or replace the products free of charge if found defective in materials used or workmanship.


  • Its long life is guaranteed by a rust free cabinet that keeps the internal parts safe from the weather.

  • It comes with an easy to clean anti bacterial filter that goes a long way in providing clean and healthy air at all times.

  • The noise given by these units ranges from 60 to 66 decibels depending on the fan speed making them ideal for areas where sound is a concern like schools, offices and hospitals.


  • The auto restart feature is not available with this unit and settings are lost in case of a sudden power failure. Once power returns, the air conditioner has to be programmed again.

Samsung AW18ECB8 Air Conditioner Review

The Samsung AW18ECB8 Air Conditioner is a three in one comfort system as it comes with three fan speeds that can be used when it is not too hot, three cool speeds to cool in hot conditions and an in built dehumidifier that has the capability to remove up to 5 pints of excess moisture from the air every hour or about 120 pints every day thereby maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

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