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Sanyo 18XLS72 Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner

Sanyo 18XLS72 Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner is a ceiling fitted air conditioner which provides the utmost luxury of central air conditioning. Air conditioning systems such as these have taken room air conditioning to a new level with their astonishing and mind-blowing cooling as well as heating abilities. Buying an air conditioner was supposed to be a tedious task few years back, but with air conditioners like these, the customer hardly looks any further. Ceiling recessed air conditioners are a new concept and have received an overwhelming response from the customers all over because of their various startling features.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The air conditioner has a cooling and heating capacity of 17,500 BTUs per hour of operation

  • The air conditioner needs a 230V,60Hz single phase AC supply during the operation

  • The humidifying rate of these air conditioning units is about 4.89 pints/hour

  • The maximum current drawn is about 8.3 Amps

  • The power consumption during the cooling operation is close to 1860 Watts

  • The electrical circuit has the capacity to withstand current up to 20 Amps before breakdown

  • The air conditioner is equipped with a wireless remote controller

  • Like all other Sanyo air conditioners, this ac unit also uses a R-410A type of refrigerant

  • The air flow rate for high, medium and low speeds are 341 CFM,294 CFM and 253 CFM respectively

  • The height, width and depth (in inches) of the exterior unit are 26-3/8�,34-21/32� and 11-7/32� respectively

  • Similarly, for the interior unit the dimensions are: 24-19/32� (height) x 24-19/32� (width) x 12-5/16� (depth)

  • The interior unit weighs about 41.3 lbs whereas the exterior unit weighs about 90.4 lbs


Sanyo has been working religiously towards achieving supremacy in terms of quality and innovation. Providing efficient technical support is an important step in the process which can�t be overlooked because ultimately it�s the customer who will buy the product. Thus keeping all that aspects in view Sanyo ensures that any defects in any of the products are treated with utmost care and importance. To safeguard that, a comprehensive 1 year warranty is provided on various parts of the air conditioner and the compressor has a warranty period of 6 years.


Using an air conditioner of such high quality has its own set of advantages and comforts that are absolutely unparalleled when compared to others and Sanyo 18XLS72 Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioners do not disappoint at all. The various features of this air conditioner can be listed as follows:

Rapid-Fire Cooling and Heating: The highly advanced DC inverter technology used in these air conditioners ensures speedy cooling as well as heating and thus providing instant relief.

Adaptable and Versatile: The ease with which the air conditioner performs various functions such as cooling and heating is really commendable.

Power Saving Operation: The DC inverter used in these air conditioners ensures that the overall operation is uninterrupting and continuous. In the meanwhile, sudden changes in cooling and heating loads are accordingly adjusted. The result is exceptionally enhanced efficiency and economical power saving operation.

Clean Germ Free Air: The air conditioner has an anti-microbial type filter that restricts any sort of harmful bacteria from entering and thus keeps the surrounding environment healthy and pure.

Ultra-Quiet Operation: Via two rotary compressors used in the air conditioner, the vibration can be controlled and thus the noise level is kept in check.

Exceptional Reach: With the three fan speeds and an air sweep function, no part or corner of the rooms remains untouched.

Sanyo 18XLS72 Ceiling Recessed AC is indeed a revelation in the field of air conditioners. Years of hard work and intensive research has finally paid off for Sanyo as this air conditioner directly hits the bull�s eye.

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