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Sanyo 18XS72 Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner

Sanyo 18XS72 Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner is a sort of air conditioning unit that is specially designed to provide instant relief in the super-hot summers and frosty winters. The air conditioner can cool really fast and heat even faster with consummate ease. This air conditioner has a unique arrangement.

It consists of an indoor unit which has an evaporator and is fitted in the interior of the room and an exterior unit which comprises of a condenser. The interior and exterior units are connected through refrigerant lines and interior wiring through the walls. This makes the installation work quite simple and absolutely trouble-free. Apart from that, the customer is also saved from breaking the existing walls to accommodate these ac units and a considerable amount of window space can thereby be saved.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The cooling and heating capacity of these air conditioning units is 17,500 BTUs/hour

  • The air flow rate varies from 417 CFM to 524 CFM depending on the type of heating or cooling being done

  • The moisture removal rate is as high as 4.89 pints per hour

  • The air conditioner uses a 230/208V,single phase, 60 Hz AC supply

  • The power consumed during the operation is 1500 watts

  • The maximum current drawn during the cooling process is about 7.7 Amps

  • The fan speed can be regulated to high, medium and low according to the requirement of the customer

  • The air conditioner uses an eco friendly R-410A type of refrigerant

  • The exterior unit dimensions (in inches) can be specified as: 26-3/8�(depth) by 34-21/32" (width) by 11-7/32"(height)

  • The interior unit dimensions are given as: 24-19/32"(width) by 24-19/32"(depth) by 12-5/16"(height)

  • The total weight of the interior unit is 26.5 lbs and that of exterior unit is 90.4 lbs


When it comes to providing ultimate customer satisfaction, Sanyo is way ahead than other air conditioner manufacturing companies. On the purchase of Sanyo AC, a limited warranty of 1 year is provided on the various parts of the ac unit and a 6 year warranty is provided for the compressor.


Air conditioners such as these do not take much time to flourish and prosper as they strike the chord immediately. The various advantages of using Sanyo 18XS72 Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner are:

Noiseless Operation: Unlike the other conventional air conditioners, the operation is almost noiseless and peaceful.

Easy Installation: As no ductwork is needed, the installation of this split air conditioning unit becomes relatively simpler and faster.

Saves Energy: With the help of DC inverter technology, the air conditioner quickly adapts itself to changing heating and cooling requirements and within no time achieves a stable temperature. Thus a significant amount of energy can be saved in the process.

Precise and Compact Unit: This AC is one of the most compressed and packed in unit one would find these days. The air conditioner is attractively packed in together in a compact cabinet and thereby saving a lot of space.

Environment Conscious: The air conditioner uses an environment friendly R-410A refrigerant which further assists preserving the environment as well.

The uncanny ability of Sanyo to come up with something new and revealing every now and then has taken it to new heights in recent years. Sanyo 18XS72 Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner is indeed another fairy in the tale.

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