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Sanyo 30KS72R Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Sanyo 30KS72R Wall Mounted Air Conditioner is undoubtedly one of the most flexible and adaptive air conditioning unit one would find these days. Equipped with an eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant, the air conditioner uses an advanced DC Inverter technology and has the ability to quickly fiddle with the fluctuating space requirements and accordingly enhances its performance while maintaining an optimal temperature. This has manifold advantages such as exceptionally improved efficiency as well minimal power consumption. Needless to say, that the soothing and calm environment provided by these air conditioners is an icing on the cake.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The cooling and heating capacity of these air conditioners is about 30,000 BTUs per hour

  • The moisture removal rate is 9.7 pints/hour

  • The dry air flow rate during the high, medium and low speed operation is 840 CFM,740 CFM and 620 CFM respectively

  • The power requirements for these air conditioners are as follows: 230/208 V,60 HZ, Single Phase AC supply

  • The current drawn during the cooling and heating operation varies between 17.3 Amps to 19.1 Amps and subsequently the power input required is about 3670 Watts

  • The air conditioner uses a R-410A type of refrigerant

  • The exterior air conditioning unit dimensions (in inches) are given as: 30-23/32� (height) x 37� (width) x 13-3/8� (depth)

  • Similarly the interior air conditioning unit dimensions can be given as: 14-9/16� (height) x 59-1/16� (width) x 9-7-16� (depth)

  • The total weight of the exterior ac unit is about 143 lbs and that of interior ac unit is 63.9 lbs


This split air conditioning unit apparently offers a warranty of 2 years on the various parts of the air conditioner and a warranty of 5 years is provided on the compressor which is at par with some of the best products available in the market.


Sanyo has been a reputed name in electronics circuit from a very long time. So every time a product is launched, the levels of expectations are very high and Sanyo 30KS72R Wall Mounted Air Conditioner doesn�t disappoint. The air conditioner is enriched with following features:

Less Energy Consumption: The DC inverters used in these air conditioners ensure continuous operation throughout and any changes in the room temperature are accordingly taken into account during the operation. The accurate detection of cooling and heating load fluctuations check frequent and sudden changes in capacity and thus ensure well-organized and economical operation.

Noise Free Operation: The dual rotary compressors used in these air conditioners assist in reducing vibrations significantly and thus the overall operation is smooth and absolutely noise free.

Instant Cooling and heating: The DC inverter can quickly adapt to the changing temperature requirements and thus heating as well as cooling is remarkably faster than the conventional ac units available these days.

Fully Automatic: With a wireless remote, the air conditioner�s features such as temperature changes, timer, fan speeds can easily operated automatically.

Anti-Bacterial Filter: The air conditioner uses an anti-bacterial filter thus the air that comes out is pure and germ free.

Flexible Operation: The air conditioner can be put to use for cooling even when the surrounding temperature is 5 degree Celsius. Thus it is ideally suited in places where winters are significantly warm and require cooling.

Sanyo 30KS72R Wall Mounted Air Conditioners are a complete multi-utility air conditioning unit. Be it scorching summers or chilling winters, this air conditioner will always provide the luxury that a customer looks for. With spectacular products like these, Sanyo is all set to dominate the competitive zone of electronics goods market for a very long time.

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