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Sanyo 36XW72R Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner

Sanyo 36XW72R Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner is a versatile air conditioner to fulfil your cooling and heating needs. The fantastic features of the air conditioner will leave you spell bound. The air conditioner has an air sweep and louver control which can be manually set to the desired angle by a remote control. It consumes less energy, saving electricity as well as providing utmost comfort level. Thus, the operations of this air conditioner are highly economical and efficient.

People have become environment-conscious. They are aware of the hazards being caused due to climatic changes. This model of AC takes care of such needs and hence employs an environment-friendly refrigerant. This is a unique selling point of this air conditioner.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

This ceiling recessed AC has impressive features to lure any one of us.

  • The model is an indoor unit.

  • The SEER (Cooling) of the air conditioner is as high as 16.0

  • It has a flare type refrigerant piping.

  • It has automatic vertical air deflection

  • The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is as high as 32000 British Thermal Units

  • It has high moisture removal capacity of 10.5 pints per hour.

  • It performs its cooling operation drawing a maximum electricity of 12.5 -19.4 A

  • The specific dimensions of the airconditioner are 14 � (H) x 41 31/32 (W) x 30 9/16 (D)

  • The maximum operation sound of the ac is as low as 33-44 dB

  • It uses an environment friendly R-410a type refrigerator.


Sanyo is a reliable company and all its models are finely built. It ensures that none of the goods received by the customers are defective. And if in case there are few goods those happens to be defective, it will be picked up by the Company at its own cost. Parts of Sanyo 36XW72R Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner is warranted to its original customers for a period of one year. The air conditioner's compressor is warranted for six long years.


Automatic Restart Function: After a long tiring day when you come to your heaven like home, it becomes all the more heavenly when your air conditioner refreshes you by removing the entire day�s weariness. This air conditioner starts automatically after power failure which means you do not have to get up each time to switch it on. It also offers a wireless remote control to reduce unnecessary mobility of the customers.

Variable fans: The air conditioner has three variable fan speeds and offers automatic fan operation. This dynamic operation adds to your luxury.

Smart Timers: This Sanyo AC has a 24 hour programmable clock with an ON/OFF option. There are three optional timers namely Program Timer, 72-Hour ON/OFF Timer and Weekly Timer.

Easy Cleaning: The air conditioner has a washable filter. This can be cleaned time to time as required. This cleansing maintains the hygiene level of the users.

Energy-Saving operation: The air conditioner draws less electricity. It has a DC Inverter technology which adjusts the cooling operations according to the room temperature.

Sanyo 36XW72R Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner is a life time investment. There are so many features of the instant air conditioner that will make your life truly comfortable. It provides for a rapid cooling due to its variable compressor rotation features. Here is a complete air conditioner to provide you a sound and comfortable sleep.

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